Dodge Charger 70 returns to sunlight after 40 years in garage – Car News

Dodge Charger 70 returns to sunlight after 40 years in garage – Car News


Dodge Charger 70: original color. among other things ended up appreciating the American classic

Rarely do they appear on the internet like a 70 Dodge Charger with original factory paint, which sat in a garage for 40 years and is fully functional. The car is sold for eBay for US $ 70,000 (about 365 thousand) with air conditioning and power steering.

THE Avoid shortages it is part of a batch of only 89 thousand units that were produced in the same configuration in the early 70s. And the car in the picture has several items from the factory and has never been restored, according to the owner, who also says that V8 5.2 engine it works perfectly.

O 70 Dodge Charger Coupe It comes with a three-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive and disc brakes on the front axle and drums at the rear. An interesting interior detail is that this Dodge 70 comes with a pistol-shaped gearshift, which has become a highly sought after feature by collectors. old cars .

In addition, charger 70 it has hood-mounted turn signals, SE trim and headlamps hidden in a restyled grille. Optional high back seats help with comfort and the instrument panel includes tachometers.

With a V8 engine or Dodge Charger Coupe attracts attention with bright colors of bodywork and with good performance, but ends up losing fat unceremoniously.