Discover the 10 most wanted cars on the market

Discover the 10 most wanted cars on the market

Beetle 1970 (Photo: Play/Back)

The Beetle was one of the best-selling cars in history, having reached the mark of 24 million units worldwide. And even after the last 26 years of its existence, it continues, here in Brazil, as one of the most searched for, advertised and sold cars in the first half of 2022, according to the OLX survey, after being responsible for 13% of searches, 21 % of sales and 20% of advertisements, with an average price of around R$ 20,500.

“The Beetle remains a national passion and the used market is an opportunity for car lovers to find historic examples. At OLX, we have a large audience, fans of classics, who appreciate, advertise and sell through the platform”, says Flávio Passos, Vice President of Cars and Business in OLX.

In second place, still related to the classics, among the many wanted after, advertised and sold, is Gol, a model also manufactured by Volkswagen, which has an average price of R $ 16,500. The Chevrolet Opala, with an average price of R$ 34,500, is in third place among the classics sold and advertised, but is losing its place to the Fiat Uno, from Fiat, among the most sought after. The top 5 list is split between the Parati, in 4th place, and the Fiat Uno, in fifth.

As for average sales prices, the survey shows that, depending on the model, classics can range from R$11,000 for the Fiat Uno, to $34,400 for the luxury Opal.

best selling example average selling price
1. VW Beetle BRL 20,529.84
2. VW Gol BRL 16,486.06
3. Chevrolet Opal BRL 34,427.42
4. VW Parade BRL 19,784.75
5. Fiat Uno BRL 11,002.07
6. Chevrolet Chevette BRL 16,576.74
7. VW Kombi BRL 26,300.88
8. Chevrolet Caravan BRL 29,412.77
9. Ford Escort BRL 13,093.99
10. VW Tour BRL 19,110.61

Many wanted and announced

In the top 5 of the most sought-after classic models on the platform, the Beetle is in first place, the Gol appears in 2nd place, followed by the Fiat Uno, in third place. The other two most popular cars are Chevrolet Opala in 4th place, and VW Parati, in fifth place.

The ranking of the most advertised classic cars brings the VW Gol in 2nd place, followed by Opala, Parati and Uno, in 3rd, 4th and 5th, respectively.

Check out the complete list of the 10 most searched and advertised songs on OLX in 2022 below:

the most sought after example the most publicized example
1. VW Beetle 1. VW Beetle
2. VW Gol 2. VW Gol
3. Fiat Uno 3. Chevrolet Opal
4. Chevrolet Opal 4. VW Parade
5. VW Parade 5. Fiat Uno
6. Chevrolet Chevette 6. Chevrolet Caravan
7. Fiat Palio 7. Chevrolet Chevette
8. VW Kombi 8. VW Kombi
9. Chevrolet Corsa 9. VW Tour
10. Ford Escort 10. Ford Escort

Among the Beetle models, the one made in 1975 is the most sold, sought after and advertised on the platform. Models produced in 1970 and 1980 are in second and third place, respectively.

rank best selling example the most sought after example the most publicized example
1. 1975 1975 1975
two. 1970 1970 1970
3. 1980 1980 1980
4. 1965 1965
5. 1985 1981
6. 1981 1983
7. 1982 1994
8. 1983 1986
9. 1986 1995
10. 1994 1985

The most sought after Beetle colors were: white, blue, green, red and yellow, in that order. The Southeast region leads in sales and searches for Mende, followed by consumers from the South, Northeast, Midwest and North, respectively.