Did this Tesla try to save the life of his driver?

Did this Tesla try to save the life of his driver?

Thanks to its autonomous driving software, this Tesla Model 3 would have avoided a serious accident by discovering the path of a car that had been burned.

Unlike Mercedes-Benz, Tesla has so far failed to get its properly approved autonomous driving software. While the German manufacturer now allows in Germany to allow its car to drive alone up to 60 km / h on the highway, Tesla’s Autopilot is still in the pilot phase. Unlike the Mercedes-Benz system, it aims to make the car independent in all driving conditions and still needs development.

Tesla also relies on voluntary “beta testers”, which use the 100% version of Autopilot while focusing on the steering wheel to correct errors (still a lot at the moment). And in the video below, it is Tesla’s Model 3 with these popular 100% Autonomous Autopilot tests that would have avoided a very serious accident.

The system saw danger coming

As the Tesla Model 3 advanced to the green light, a large pickup turned on the red light in another direction. The autopilot of the electric sedan would see it coming in front of the driver, applying the brakes immediately. In this way, the shock was worse: if Tesla continued to move forward, the pick-up would hit the driver’s door level.

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