Dethleffs Globebus I1: an attempt at a solid connection filled with personalities

Dethleffs Globebus I1: an attempt at a solid connection filled with personalities

Key Dethleffs Globebus I1 test. One of the few compact homes in the pay market. 5.99 m tall, this model is much wider than a camping car: 2.20 m. Text: Delphine Besana; photo: Thomas Jamet

At a time when compact motorhomes are on the rise, the German manufacturer has completely redesigned its Globebus range. Four in number (two low and two important) all structures benefit from changes in structure and internal environment. Among them, Globebus I1. Built on the Fiat Ducato 140 hp, this 5.99 m A-Class offers a transverse and L-shaped living room and combines all the comfort features, on the road and in the stopover.

Dethleffs Globebus i1 data sheet

  • Provider: Fiat Ducato 2.2 l – 140 hp
  • L x W x H: 5.99 x 2.20 x 2.81m
  • GVW / CU: 3500 / 769kg
  • Road / night areas: 4/4
  • Kitchen: 2 stove, 142 liter refrigerator.
  • Sleep: Double-cross bed 144 x 198 cm, 13 cm thick mattress on slatted base, cabin bed 146 x 182 cm.
  • Method: gas (2 x 13 kg), EP / EU (114/90 liters), Truma combi 6 heating, AGM 95 Ah battery.
  • Price: from € 70,430

Long before solidarity became a major trend, Dethleffs was one of the first brands to offer short motorhomes, cut short by its Globebus. It was 2007, 15 years ago already! For its 2022 collection, Dethleffs has redefined its version by offering four designs with interlocking beds or twin beds, available as essential or profile. Among them, Globebus I1. With a height of 5.99 m and a width of 2.20 m, this compact is the most compact on the market. The size of the cargo truck that will delight especially those who want to keep a certain feeling on the wheel of their motor home.

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A small car house like a car

On the road, it can rely on a 140 hp engine and its operation is easy as we can judge by traveling a few hundred kilometers on the Vosges mountain roads. Its 3.45 m wheel (compared to 4.035 m for a van of the same size) and especially its 1.59 m overhang make maneuvering easier. The front screen of the panorama and the rear view mirrors of the bus with two mirrors provide excellent visibility and add to the driving pleasure.

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Our globebus has been added to the GT package

Globebus I1 receives a successful beauty treatment and is adamant in its fluid appearance. The body shape is neat and shows an elegant and modern silhouette with a pleasing front end. For an extra € 3,190, the GT pack brings a sporty look thanks to the red border on the walls and a bumper skirt. In terms of design, the manufacturer, by 2022, has abandoned the aluminum body to adopt polyester. Properties in terms of sound insulation and resistance to hail and scratches. Other developments: indoor atmosphere. The new high cabinet doors with a matt mark and a gray entrance without handles bring more smoothness to all furniture.

Internal comfort: as great

Despite its small size, this impression of less than 6.00 m is impressive with its amazing housing and preserves well-being on board. Starting from the lounge area that combines the front facing bench (78 x 49 cm) with the top of the head and the seat belts with three-dimensional (and L-shaped back) front front sliding side table (90 x 55 cm) and has all the qualities received in good condition. With revolving cabin chairs, four guests can take their place in a friendly and bright space, thanks to the presence of a large skylight and two large bay windows. Be careful, however, for a maximum of 12 cm to reach the cabin. Above, a guide cabin bed (146 x 182 cm) provides comfortable sleeping accommodation for two people.

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Well-designed kitchen

Kitchen proves that Dethleffs has mastered the art of balance. Located on the left side of the passenger cabin door (layout similar to in a closed van), it features a working space with a 2-burner stove, stainless steel sink and large storage capacity in the form of drawers inside. lower part and roof cabinets. Keep in mind that its medium-sized folding function (25 x 32 cm) does not block the entrance to the living area. For the 142-liter refrigerator, it is installed at the end of the kitchen unit, connected to the bedroom by the French market. It should be noted that the perimeter of the cabin is made with a wide belt of 53 cm, practical and comfortable.

An all-inclusive bathroom

As for the bathroom, located opposite the kitchen, it combines in the same compartment toilet, sink and shower. Trick: A partition that supports the bathtub, reinforced with a large mirror with a back light, support against the wall to provide a functional and comfortable shower space (56 x p77 cm), even if the wheel arch is large. To keep it completely insulate, simply close the sliding door with a wooden lid and bend the transparent leaf inside.

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Cross-bed and folding bed

Not surprisingly, the main bed is set up in the back. This is a two-person bed overlapping in a comfortable section (144 x 198 cm) that has a 13 cm thick mattress on a slatted base. Located at a height of 110 cm, its access can prove to be a barrier. However, you can rely on a small sliding step (hidden under the fridge) to facilitate access to the bed. Lighting and ventilation are provided by two side windows and a transparent skylight. Niches and two roof cabinets provide ample storage capacity. In practice, the wardrobe is placed under the bed. For more privacy, the curtain separates the bedroom area.

Record garage and charge load

In addition to storage in the passenger compartment, it has a strong hold (90 x 107 h cm), accessible by two doors from the outside, or under the bed from the inside. It is equipped with a non-slip floor, heating and even lighting. We regret the presence of a gas locker interfering with the amount of hold. Offered from € 70,430 on a 140 hp Fiat Ducato, the Globebus I1 has standard driving support and safety equipment… not to mention the payload of over 769 kg (manufacturer data). This is the most important for a connector less than 6.00 m!

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Our opinion

With its 5.99 m, Globebus I1 maintains well-being on board and provides a convenient working layout for four people. Its quality production is a success. Comfortable accommodation, efficient garage, adequate storage … even if the toilet space loses its ability to sit for a while, the shortest A-Class on the market can rely on the most common equipment, especially if you add GT Pack … Even as the price may seem to be high, it is a way to read for anyone considering a motorhome from a hard angle because the comfort of driving and feeling is similar to those of a van.


  • Jig Compact
  • The wheel is short and therefore easy to drive
  • Heavy load
  • Ability to store
  • Great comfortable bed
  • Modern appearance


  • Bed access
  • Wheelchair in the shower
  • L-shaped living room

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