Details of the upcoming 2023 BMW M2 are coming true

Details of the upcoming 2023 BMW M2 are coming true

After making sure to satisfy the purists with the M240i coupe, BMW quietly begins to publish the details of the next M2. The latter will be based on the architecture of the coupé and not the 2 Series Gran Coupé, which is based on a platform shared with MINI. So we can expect the same engine as before: a rear-wheel-drive sports car powered by a turbocharged inline-6 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​and more than 400 horses. This engine would of course be mated to a manual gearbox.

Obviously, everything is still very hypothetical, because BMW has not yet revealed the technical data for the next M2. However, the manufacturer has published several photos of the hidden model on its Instagram account. We can see from this example that it certainly appears to be the base of the 2 Series Coupé, but with the tracks and fenders extended, a typical stylistic signature of the M models at BMW.

Its twin tailpipes, however, mean it would be powered by a powerful 6-cylinder engine, but not the same 3.0-liter turbo engine as the M240i. It can be the famous S58, this biturbo block, also 3.0 liters, which is under the hood of the M3 and M4 and whose power varies between 473 and 503 horses depending on the version.

Note that the M240i coupe already develops 382 horsepower. For the M2 to top it in terms of performance, it has to produce more than 400 horsepower. In addition, like its older sisters, the M2 can also retain a 6-speed gearbox. An 8-speed automatic transmission, like the M3 and M4, will also be offered as an option.

BMW remains tight-lipped about the sales of the next M2, but it would be fair to assume that the model will be revealed by this fall. Until then, RPM will continue to monitor the progress of this highly anticipated sports car.

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