Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL 100 CV (2022), Pros and Cons

Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL 100 CV (2022), Pros and Cons

It is becoming increasingly rare these days to find cars that care 100%. In the era of “big screens”, it’s just a matter of time before even the most popular cars have a lot of accessories, they certainly also work, but they don’t have to.

Among the few remaining cars “concrete”, of course there are Dacia and especially Sanderowhich among other things and bodywork The path of action is likely to meet the high demand for easily elevated designs with a compact cross version of the single name. I tried this variant, equipped with 1.0 TCE dual power supply petrol / LPG 100 HP: these here are yours Profit losses.

Dacia Sandero Stepway Comfort 1.0 TCe LPG 100 CV:


  • A beautiful modern line
  • “Smart” dashboard.
  • Back position with large trunk
  • Soft reduction
  • Well designed
  • Important options at a reasonable price
  • cheap LPG


  • The gear box is slightly attached
  • The “stylish” load threshold.
  • Improper volume control
  • No hybrid engines

Successful restructuring

The taste is always personal, but it must be said that Dacia has managed to repair the Sandero Stepway aesthetically more sophisticated by adjustment, and does not appear to be a “economical” car at all.

The headlights are a LED both for daylight and for low beams while high beams and fog lamps remain halogen. But they have a “Y” design based on current trends, which are also reflected in the rear lights. To this is added, in some cases the Stepway, bumpers and side skirts and edges in the most durable plastic (proof of “touch” in the parking lot), which has no line weight and, conversely, makes it. more muscle.

Well-thought-out dashboard

It is always difficult to develop an interior that is cheap to produce but at the same time pleasing to the eye and to the touch – which is difficult to achieve with traditional rigid plastic. Here then Sandero shows an interesting tissue on the dashboard, also used on door panels: they are more expensive than leather and soft-touch materials, but they are also more comfortable than non-touch plastic.

Overall, the control system and various accessories are also successful and ergonomic, starting USB sockets easy to reach and backlit, with infotainment (at right height) and automatic climate control, with three physical rotors that are comfortable to operate.

Dacia Sandero is very spacious

The indoor space is generous for a car that actually reaches a height of 4.10 meters: even for those like me who are 1.90 meters tall there is plenty of air for the head and legs, but it is comfortable even for the knees.

And – above all – the trunk is above the category, and ben 410 liters. Shapes are common and this improves utility, as well as 4 shopping hooks and many adjustable rings. There is also a hint of respect. The only thing missing is less than double the partial shelf storage once removed, because the LPG cylinder is installed at the bottom of the compartment.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

Smooth over severity

A car like this, which is used every day, must first be in good condition, and Sandero achieves this goal thanks to soft trim the ability to absorb aggression of any kind. From “long” undulations to more dry holes. The 16-inch wheels, which are fitted with tires and generous walls, also contribute in part.

The car, however, never gives the impression of “instability”, because the whole roll is reduced and the steering is reduced in volume. The result is an increased perception of calm and general security.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

Designed for “balance”

In the cockpit it takes very little to realize how Sandero was created based on the philosophy of perfection, which however does not mean giving up essential enjoyment.

To understand, as mentioned above, there will be no soft touch devices, but there is no shortage of “right” size infotainment screen for computers, and USB sockets with back lights.

By the way, the infotatelematica app is simple in graphics as well as in functionality, but enjoys Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. without cable. Then there is support for the smartphone near the center screen, with a USB socket on the back (always backlit). This way you can put your phone in front of the eyes, charging and scattering wirelessly on the dashboard.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

The most important options are really cheap

The Sandero Stepway is available in two trim levels, of which Comfort (like the one being tested) is the most well-equipped. To this you can add some options, which however do not care about anything that is not very important.

So there are no “larger screens” or exaggerated technology, but devices such as automatic climate control, a map with European maps and front and rear parking sensors with a rear view camera.

Despite the fact that these devices tend to cost less and generally less than average. For example, Techno Package which includes unlocked entry, electric brakes, adjustable driver’s seat and front seat with storage component costs 350 euros. Or that City Plus Packwhich includes front and rear parking sensors, rear view camera and blind spot control costs 450 euros.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

LPG is cheap and very saving

This “Pro” is part of the previous one, but it still deserves special mention because it is a “cheap” option at a reasonable price.

Price of dual fuel oil / LPG variant 600 euros more than its only gasoline counterpart, but it has 10 HP and 10 Nm of torque over the latter, values ​​that compensate for the LPG’s low energy efficiency.

In normal use – which includes most city and city roads, and sub-roads – the average consumption in LPG mode is 8.2 / 100 km, equivalent to over 12 km / liter. At an average price of around 0.85 euros / liter, it means going closer 290 km and 20 euros for LPG.

To compare directly with gasoline, the average consumption is about 6.5 liters / 100 km, equivalent to more than 15 kilometers per liter. At an average price of around 1.80 euros / liter, that means that for 20 “green” euros you can travel around 166 kilometers – and compensating 290, as recorded by the GPL above, will cost around 35 euros.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

The exchange tends to get stuck

The engine has a sharp right turn from low revs, and generally the gear ratio allows the engine to ensure a certain grit even in fifth gear, leaving the sixth as a “rest” ratio on the road.

The length of the lever also makes it easier to hold, but it’s a shame that cuttings always make some resistance and tend to get stuck. Unfortunately, no standard automatic transmission is available, because the only option outside the 6-speed manual is continuous variable CVT transmission.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

The load sill is easily broken

Making a living also means removing what is not needed, for example, inside plastic-covered boots only in the central area, where there are handles to fasten it, leaving side areas in the metal sheet unprotected.

The boot loading sill is so clear, that painting. Any touch with luggage, bags and other items for a long time leaves clear marks on the metal sheet.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

Voice control is “hidden”

As mentioned earlier, the Sandero is a vehicle that makes accessibility, practicality and ergonomics its power, and this design philosophy is always visible, advertised, especially on board, in interior design.

The message of disagreement is control behind the steering wheel which acts as a link to infotelematics, which runs audio and radio stations or audio sources. It is hidden behind the steering wheel itself, and even after getting used to it, you have to lean outside to see which key to operate.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

No hybrid engine in range (currently)

This is not a real flaw, especially considering how LPG fits and evaluates how it fits everyone, with a price difference of only 600 euros: you still don’t see the variant in the Dacia sub-category. hybrid in any case is a shame. At least with technology gentle, which will not have a miraculous impact on consumption and production, but which nonetheless enjoys many tax benefits. Such as free blue car parks in cities like Rome.

Photo - Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe GPL Comfort (2022), Pros and Cons

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