Dacia Sandero and Duster record the best commercial results in their history in Spain

Dacia Sandero and Duster record the best commercial results in their history in Spain

Dacia reached a new level in June and achieved the best commercial results in its history in Spain, reaching a market share of 14.3%.

These results are accompanied by a complete evolution of the brand, which has introduced its new visual identity to a wide range of vehicles. Additionally, this work is driven by the success of the new generations of Sandero and Duster, who have learned how to preserve the values ​​that have made Dacia commercially successful.

In addition, New Sandero continues to be the most sold style in Spain in the private market to date. Dacia’s success in the Iberian Peninsula is largely due to the extraordinary enthusiasm that Dacia Sandero has instilled in Spanish clients. Launched in 2008, already in 2013 Dacia Sandero was able to climb the top of the list of best-selling models in Spain in the private market. A leading position that has not left it since then, as it has held this title for 9 years.

So Sandro regains its original position after a period of decline, because let us remember that according to data from JATO Dynamics, the European car market recorded a decline in sales of new cars from March 2022. So Dacia Sandero, which immediately it was the best-selling car in its unit, stepping back in front of the new queen of the European market.

Dacia Duster is another example of the best results obtained by a Romanian company in Spain. It is no coincidence that in June it became a leader in the C-SUV segment for individuals and has sold nearly 120,000 units in Spain since 2010. Like previous generations, the New Duster is targeted both for customers who want a better SUV. with attractive styles as well as for those looking for a usable and consistent 4X4.