Cycling.  Tour de France 2022: “Benoît Cosnefroy has the potential to win the stage”

Cycling. Tour de France 2022: “Benoît Cosnefroy has the potential to win the stage”

Manchois Mikaël Chérel is ready for the Tour de France! (© La Presse de la Manche)

Surprise the stranger of AG2R-Citroën Training on Tour de Francewhich begins this 1er July 2022 in DenmarkSouth Manchois Mikaël Chérel will play at 7e Large loop.

His appointment

“In 2020, I said it would be my last Tour de France. And I really thought I would stick with it. Moreover, at the beginning of the year, my participation in the Tour was never mentioned. And then there were things that upset the lines. Some pre-planned buyers they no longer provided all the necessary precautions to deal with the Grand Tour.

“For my part, my good performance at Giro showed the staff that I was back to a very good level. So, a few days after the end of Giro d’Italia, they told me about the possibility of passing the Tour. At that moment I was shocked, I did not know what to say. But, the next day, I told them that I was inside. It’s a good challenge. I am very happy to be at the beginning. It is a great honor. »

Mikael Cherel

Its preparation

“After Giro, I rested and then left the new Tour Preparation Bar French championship last Sunday (June 26, Editor’s note) which served as a restart (61), I did not compete in any event between Giro and Tour. It was important to be able to physically regenerate and recharge my batteries mentally and family before returning to coal. I feel that the energy level has returned, the body condition is good. I have already completed two Grand Tours in the past (Tour and Vuelta) and I was feeling good. I’m not going into the unknown. »

His role

“Basically, the team wanted a strong rider, who could bring the team the first week but also the mountains. I looked at both boxes. The staff also knew that I could be consistent for three weeks. I will leave all personal desires at home. The goal is to make a real self-sacrifice to give my leaders full satisfaction. And I hope to have fun in Paris with the finished work. Are you targeting a platform? No, I just want to respond carefully to what the team is asking me. It will take a huge mix of situations … “

Holidays postponed …

Earlier thinking of a vacation in July, Mikël Chérel had planned to rent a stay in Corsica. “Finally, my wife and children go there, but without me!”, Smiles the veteran (36 years old) of the AG2R-Citroën formation, who must postpone his family vacation until August. “My children are happy, they will have two holiday doses this summer!”

Its approach

“In recent days, I have” meditated “very much in anticipation of the visit. You are aware that this race is very demanding, that it requires a very high level of physical and mental commitment. You have to be ready to “take it”, ready to go through difficult times. And, mentally, I am ready for that. »

Video: currently in Actu

His team

“We have high expectations for the general with Ben O’Connor (Editor’s note: 4 last year). At 3 p.m.e room for Dauphine it gives us a lot of confidence. He has the ability to play the stage in Paris. Benoît (Cosnefroy) also has the ability to win the stage, with certain fines that should suit him. Together, we can achieve great things. This is a great seasonal meeting for the team, we must answer. »

Interview with Baptiste HUE

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