Cupra essence preserved?

Cupra essence preserved?

With 120 kg more on the scales than the hot model and a smaller 204 horse power, it’s silly to say that Cupra Leon e-HYBRID 204 questions about its logo, especially since it is also available in Seat, the parent company wanted to be more generalist.

Not yet…

If we willingly forget the logo and any sports direction, the first electric wheel turns (default mode at start) then becomes pleasant and the silence of operation will be clearly appreciated in the riots of Paris. 116 hp of the electric motor is a hero thanks to the immediately available torque and allows you to fit into traffic easily, even on fast roads. Damping is also very effective despite the 1,614 kg vacuumbut it will still be a little brittle on big bumps at low speeds, without this being bad.

Our first trip without a drop of fuel will have reached 52 kilometers before 12.8 kWh battery it is completely empty and forces a gasoline engine 4-cylinder 1.4 liter and 150 hp wake up quietly. The latter is stable and does not seem to suffer beyond reason due to the lack of electrical assistance and heavy weight. Of course, when you need to flip quickly, it will sound, but the battery then comes to the rescue and always has background energy.

In terms of use, then it will be difficult in a mixed trip to go down 8 liters per 100 kilometers without driving economically. However, the Eco mode makes it possible to reduce consumption on long road trips thanks to the state of the wheel.

… He turns around

Time to choose sports mode and that the heat engine and electricity are used, the Cupra is awake with good times thanks to the concentration of 350 Nm and 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. It’s definitely a bit tight for a Cupra, but it’s perfectly adequate every day, especially since road holding isn’t left out. The 120 extra kilos on the scale feel, of course, but the beautiful Spaniard displays an attractive and precise front end that makes it very pleasant to lead in dynamic driving, especially since the rear bends in a healthy and progressive way.

In such a situation, the freedom of electricity melts like snow in the sun and the use of heat encourages slowing down in these times when a liter of SP is exchanged against more than 2 €. This is also where the interest of this hybrid that can be charged is revealed because, if you find it difficult to recharge it every day and travel only one hundred kilometers a day, using Hybrid mode, it is possible to use only 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers on averageas we did.

Then it will be important to have a charging point at home, because, with only a 3.6 kW on-board charger, it will take at least. 3 h 42 to fully recharge it, and twice that at a regular household store. With the per-minute prices of most public stations, it’s not wise to recharge outside of your home, unless you want to make this Leon a financial disappointment.

Annoying Cupra Leon

Once the car is plugged in, we have plenty of time to explore Iberia’s successful design that never overplays, but nevertheless emphasizes the hallmark features without adorning itself with a lot of junk. The Leon is without a doubt one of the best compacts out thereand our style Rouge Désir (€900) certainly lives up to its name.

internally, the stem volume is reduced to a trickle by losing 110 litres, which is now allocated to the battery, to settle for an ample 270 litres. Conversely, rear passengers are comfortable thanks to the Leon’s long wheelbase, while those in front will be quite comfortable in the stylish raised bucket seats in black leatherette with red stitching.

In front of the driver, the digital instrument cluster offers several displays according to the taste and desires of each one, while the infotainment touchscreen is displayed on a 10-inch panel and it stands out especially annoying to use. The choice of all tactile, or almost, is here a bad example to follow. In fact, the weather remains easy to find, although we have a clear preference for physical buttons, but the overall ergonomics of the system is not one of them. It is, for example, it is necessary to go through the menu, then the sub-menu to manage the Eco, Comfort and Sport driving modes, making it impossible to use in the event of the need to cross the secondary road when the same manipulation and. choose between Hybrid and Electric mode. Add that it is long and not very responsive, and we get a cocktail that is not very good in taste.