Cupra Born joins Jardim Sonoro

Cupra Born joins Jardim Sonoro

Cupra travels to Jardim Sonoro as the official car of the festival, which will be available in Monsanto between 9 and 11 September.

The electronic music festival, formerly Lisb-On, will present the Born, a 100% electric model and the Cupra, which in the festival grounds will feature the Seat Mó, an all-electric scooter, which is fully compatible with the concept of this. a great experience and will make arrival at the venue faster and faster.

The Cupra, which this year takes the status of the official car of the big electronic music festival held in the center of Lisbon, will have a rest area near the main stage, which has a place for all those who want to know the brand, to relax. and watch concerts with pleasure, involved in the unusual spirit that is characteristic of the brand.

Knowing that, currently, few people are outside of social networks, Cupra has a unique and ‘Instagrammable’ photo booth, becoming the perfect place for those who want to improve their instagram, without even needing filters.

But the surprise is not limited to the car brand. This weekend, Seat Mó will be shown for the first time at national festivals. As part of Jardim do Sonoro’s special transport fleet, Seat offers four electric scooters to provide transport to all those who feel anxious to get to the center of the large park, in the access area of ​​the festival cut off from traffic (between Estrada do Penedo, the festival entrance and highways)

“CUPRA has music in its DNA and that is why it makes sense to be present at what is one of the emblematic festivals in the heart of Lisbon: Jardim Sonoro. Both brands stand out in their uniqueness, making this partnership the perfect marriage”, emphasized Cristina Rola, Commercial Director at Seat & Cupra. “We will have the opportunity to have SEAT Mó on site, ready to give a lift to anyone who does not want to walk the last few meters. The trips take place on the secondary road, where only SEAT Mó is authorized to travel.