Cupra Born (2022).  Prices and range of compact electronic games

Cupra Born (2022). Prices and range of compact electronic games

A few weeks before the arrival of the Newborns by agreement, Cupra raises a curtain over the price of its 100% compact electricity. At least tariffs … Sure, only the middle version is priced. The remaining catalog will be available later.

3 motors, 3 batteries, 4 recommendations

The Born will be available to order in November in versions 204 and 230 hp. An entry level of 150 hp will be released as early as 2022.

Cupra Born uses the technical features of the Volkswagen ID.3: MEB platform, one electric motor mounted on the rear axle … Several power will be released (150, 204 and 230 hp) and several battery capacity will be available (45, 58 and 77 kWh). Previously, only a combination of a 204 hp electric motor with a 58 kWh battery is shown on the model configuration. Provides a distance of 424 km (pending approval). Three more settings will open later:

  • Two VZs (230 hp – 58 kWh, 230 hp – 77 kWh) will be available for ordering in November 2021.
  • the entry level (150 hp – 45 kWh) will be released in early 2022.

Price Cupra Born V 204 hp

As usual, the digital calculators are based on a 5.3 ” panel. The title display is optional.

You would have understood, The € 40,250 price is not the same as the entry level Cupra Born, but it already allows you to set an example. At this power level, the German cousin from Volkswagen is shown for € 39,880. In terms of materials, the V finish provides:

  • PhaFull LED,
  • LED backlights with unmeasured Light cord,
  • 18 ” tornadoes,
  • Peripheral skirts with different outer glass shells,
  • Front-facing front handles,
  • As the Cupra logo approaches as it approaches,
  • Handless access and start,
  • introductory charger,
  • rear camera,
  • Front and rear parking radars,
  • heat sink,
  • Clothing buckets,
  • Aluminum container,
  • Outdoor heated mirrors and electric shocks,
  • Rain and light sensors,
  • Automatic air conditioner,
  • Mode 3 charging cable for 22 kW charging station,
  • 12 ” touch screen,
  • 5.3 ” digital counters,
  • GPS,
  • Complete wireless connection link,
  • 5HP audio system,
  • Sports suspension,
  • cruise control,
  • Automatic high beam switch,
  • Road signage recognition,
  • Automatically apply the brakes automatically to pedestrians,
  • Route support,
  • Notetired …

A header display with augmented reality or a 360 ° camera will be taken from the list of options. Cupra Born orders not yet opened, will be in early November 2021. Production at the Zwickau factory in Germany began in late September with the introduction of Volkswagen.3

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