Creativity never ceases to amaze us

Creativity never ceases to amaze us

Creativity has not said their last word. They continue to change our world. Here are three of them that can cause ink to flow.

Porsche and Way Ahead start Switzerland launching in video games

© Porsche Virtual Roads – DR

Giving drivers the opportunity to create their own video game based on the method they choose, is a clever idea developed by Porsche and Way Ahead Technologies of Switzerland to launch. Drivers will be able to record any route using special software on their smartphones installed behind the windshield. The recorded data can be automatically transferred using the software that converts the record into a 3D environment. This software uses artificial intelligence to trap roads and surrounding elements. They are then rendered faithfully and as quickly as possible in 3D digital form. The file of each unique method produced corresponds to a number of racing video games, including “Assetto Corsa”.

Creating a video game is not done by tapping your fingers and sometimes takes several years. For Roadside, Porsche hopes to create a video game with just a few clicks.

Stylish cycling helmets that can be breathed and melted

© Camille De Burhen

The Strasbourg company Bumpair has set up a patent, design and sale of “air conditioning” for air-conditioned bicycle helmets to the European standard EN 1078. It applies not only to cyclists but also to new mobility models such as electric scooters, Segways . A new product, not only for cyclists but also for new mobility routes, which provide the highest level of protection. Bumpair is one of three nominees in the “Two-wheeled Protection” category at the 2022. Road Safety Innovation Award. The idea is to have a “tool” that protects the head and knows how to deal with the new obstacles imposed on the lives of urban dwellers. Thus, after the effect, the integrity of the hat resistance is not affected. It is a responsible product and created by eco. It also produces textile products, containing more than 88% of technically processed fabrics from France.

Taxi in space, reality or utopia?

© Air Transport

China Air Transport Company has created a “rocket with wings”. Passengers will be able to travel to the other side of the world in recorded time. Land tests are planned for next year, with the first 2024 aircraft and a human aircraft in 2025. Air transport plans an orbital aircraft and crew by 2030. Strong plan for this company, created only in 2018, which brought in $ 46.3 million . Last August. Competition from Virgin Galactic is tough as it has already completed underground flights in July 2021, with its founder Richard Branson on board and Blue Origin sending out its first space tourists last year. But this idea is very expensive and it is important to have a way because it will be necessary to invest in infrastructure to allow the rocket to land and take off. Which is no small feat!

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