crash detection works well, proof in the video

crash detection works well, proof in the video

The latest iPhone 14 boasts of detecting accidents and calling you for help. Since no one wants to try such a feature, we have the right to doubt its real effectiveness. A YouTuber named TechRax did it for us. Here are the results.

On his YouTube channel, TechRax is known for killing every iPhone. Immersion in water, a test of descent from a pool or into molten lava, a funeral, nothing too daring for this extreme test. In his latest video, he tests the collision detection functionality of the iPhone 14 Pro. The test protocol is quite basic. A GoPro camera is placed on the back shelf of an old sedan at the end of its life, an iPhone 14 Pro is strapped to the headrest, and off we go. No one is holding the steering wheel, acceleration is remote controlled.

After several failed attempts to hit a bunch of car wrecks, TechRax gets his way. The car slowly crashes into the scrap wall. After a delay that can be estimated at 10 seconds, iOS 16 displays the message “Looks like you’ve had an accident” (“Have you had an accident?”). Before contacting the emergency services, a further ten second countdown is launched, during which the driver can cancel the call if in fact there was no collision.

iPhone 14: highly reliable crash detection at low and high speeds

A team of testers runs the test at high speed and gets the same results. iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16 have correctly diagnosed the accident and contact the emergency services. Some readers will object that this feature does not show anything new. Worse, it works twice as the European Parliament has required the most recent cars to be equipped with these safety devices since April 2018. It does not matter, because when it comes to safety, whether it is car or personal, two precautions are always. better than one. a.

If the iPhone 14 offers many new features, many observers agree that they do not offer anything revolutionary. Of course, it is possible to customize the closed screen of the device, and the Dynamic Island is an aesthetic and ergonomic achievement that is just waiting to be fully used by developers. Negative reviews from the first buyers, a shaky camera, a bug that destroys audio calls through CarPlay, suggest that the launch of this new iPhone line is only half a success.