CPM: The absolute title is decided by the Rampa de Boticas

CPM: The absolute title is decided by the Rampa de Boticas

The overall national title of the JC Group Portugal Mountain Championships will be decided in Boticas, the last event of the year, which will take place next weekend. There will be more than 50 drivers and cars competing for the fastest time on each hill, but fierce “battles” for the final victory in Touring Division 3 are also emerging.

5110 meters, with an average slope of 9.2% and a cumulative ascent of 727 meters. Here is a difficult stage established in Boticas, which will host the final “show” of the Portuguese Mountain Championship of the JC Group, with the party promising to be hard on emotions and competition.

Under the corporate banner of Demoporto, the beautiful municipality located in the center of Trás-os-Montes received the favor of the “Mountain Family” which attends this eighth and last day of the year in large numbers. 50 registered in the conflicts of the Mountain Championship of the JC Group of Portugal, where 6 more join in the Regional Ramp, confirming, once again, the quality and quantity of health that the model has boasted in the year 2022.

Hélder Silva or José Correia. Osella PA2000 EVO 2 PA.30 or FC20 Standard. Here is the biggest question to decide in Boticas. Either the Poveiro driver from Power House will change the title he won in 2021, or the “boss” and the JC Group Racing driver will recover the stick he won in 2020.

Hélder Silva leaves as favourite, not only because he leads the time table, but it is enough for him to score in Boticas to settle the matter. The move you get in the 1st Official Training Session will seal the title and free the pilot to focus on the fight for victory in the competition, knowing that José Correia will do everything to fight him back to victory. But the two are not alone in this debate of competition for victory on the Trás-os-Montes track.

Coming off his first ever career win, António Rodrigues looks highly motivated and knows he has a winning case. The driver of the NJ Racing/Lusimed SilverCar EF10 will have a big say in the dispute, along with Spaniard César Rodrigues Alonso (Osella PA21 Jrb), keeping in mind the competitiveness he has shown in previous matches in the championship.

Also “rasgadinho” will be a clash between Prototypes B. The question of the final victory in this division has already been decided. Nuno Guimarães (SilverCar S2) has already claimed the pole of the NJ Race and is free from any pressure to try for another victory this year, not least because he knows that he has also secured his place at the very bottom of the podium. of the championship. It will match Joaquim Rino (BRC BR49 EVO) and the Spaniard Martim Bangueses (BRC 05 EVO), who will play for the first time in the CPM JC Group, while the division continues to rely on the return of Victor Bessa from Douro, in Radical Clubsport.

Among the GTs, the absence of Vítor Pascoal stands out. Bahian is already a champion, after Caramulo’s victory consecrated him for the second time in his football career and he chose to hold several meetings until the end of the season. It will be interesting to follow the very open battle that is expected between Gabriela Correia (Mercedes AMG GT4) and the Spaniard Bernardo Garcia de Castro (Porsche 997 GT3 CUP), waiting for the slip of the two from Braga, Daniel Vilaça, in his field. Nissan Nismo 370Z.

In the Touring, it is expected that in the opening session of time training, Luís Nunes (Skoda Fabia R5) will solve the mathematical question of the fourth national title in the category, thus being free to fight for another victory in the category and in Division 1, where He is still undefeated at this point. In this special division, reserved for four-wheeled vehicles, the fight for the podium will be made by Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X by Carlos Gonçalves and Subaru Impreza WRX by Daniela Marques and Pedro F. Marques. In Turismo Category 2, where cars in the category with two wheels and an engine with a cylinder capacity equal to or greater than two liters compete, Joaquim Teixeira, in the Cupra TCR of the JT59 Racing Team, will not only want to maintain his superiority. an unbeaten record in the division, but above all giving everything to win the third victory of the season in the division.

Also expected is another great performance by José Carlos Pouca Sorte. The Megamotors VW Golf R35 GTI driver is having a great end to the season and is aiming for a podium in the division and category. On the other hand, Paulo Silva (Audi RS3 LMS) and Manuel Rocha e Sousa (Cupra TCR) also have the same goal as Pouca Sorte, thus giving great animation to the fight that is expected between the three. Aníbal Pinto (BMW 330ci), José Carlos Magalhães (Fiat Punto R3D) and António Veloso (Fiat Abarth 500) complete the group of drivers registered in this category.

And isn’t the two-man fight in the 3rd Tourism Division becoming a three-way “battle”? And all because, Bruno Carvalho (Citroen Saxo) and Parcídio Summavielle (Renault Clio RS R3), the two title contenders discussed in this category are reserved for touring cars with a cylinder capacity of less than 2000cc and a two-wheel drive, now they join. able to beat Alberto Pereira and his Honda Civic Type R. The difference between the three in the last race, in Caramulo, was measured to a hundredth of a second and everything points to the same “dose” of unpredictability. the result, the result of functional equality, in Boticas. It will be intense! The three have joined José Borges (Citroen C2 R2), Rute Brás (Peugeot 206 RC), José Cardoso (Citroen Saxo), Paulo Cardoso (Renault Clio RS) and Toyota Corolla T-Sport with Francisco Vieira Leite and Pedro Dias.

Sérgio Mateus will not miss the “party” again, and it is hoped that the Semog Troféu driver registered in the JC Group Mountain Kartcross Portugal Cup will, as usual, sponsor the show.

Luís Silva in search of a perfect season
Regarding the Portuguese Legends Mountains Championship, the interest of the fans is related to the challenge that Luís Silva is facing, after winning the national title in Caramulo. “Canhão de Famalicão” goes to Boticas in search of a good season, wanting to take it. His BMW M3 to his eighth victory in 2022, a desire that, under normal circumstances, would be more predictable, given the sheer dominance he has shown throughout the season. But the competition promises a tougher fight, because it is well established in Boticas. Regulars João Macedo (BMW 328is) and Migue Gonçalves (BMW E36 Coupé) are joined by Carlos Oliveira (Ford Sierra Cosworth RS) and João Pires in the powerful BMW M3, and a strong performance from Celso Fonseca is also expected. (Citroen Saxo). The Legends list also included Miguel Gonçalves, in MNE Sport’s Peugeot 106 S16 and João Vasques, driving a BMW 318is.

On the Classics side, the battle for the final victory of the season will be reserved for the two Ford Escort MKII drivers of the Caramulo Racing Team. Fernando Salgueiro and Ricardo Loureiro will therefore star in one of the many battles they have already fought in their football careers.

“Boss out”, open fight at 1300
With everything already decided on the final podium of this first edition of the Portuguese Mountain Championship 1300 JC Group, the fight in Boticas will not depend on the presence of the champion Armando Freitas. Now, if you leave out the driver who, driving a Toyota Starlet, won six of the seven races in which he participated, the fight for victory is more open and Daniel Rolo, who won with a Datsun 1200 Coupé in Arrábida, is also absent. , we will have a new winner.
In the front line of preference, João Diogo Santos (Fiat Punto 85 Sport) and Eva Laranjeira (Peugeot 205 Rallye) leave, and it is expected that Rita Matos (Fiat Uno 45S), a long-term candidate among the Classics 1300, José. Pedro Figueiredo (Datsun 1200) and also Daniela Ferreira (Citroen C1) want to do everything to reserve a place on the final podium. Boticas will also count on the presence of two other pilots among the Clássicos 1300. Domingos Fernandes (Autobianchi A122) and Carlos Delgado (Ford Escort MKI), with the latter making his first race of the season.

In terms of the competition program, the Rampa de Boticas 2022 will start on Saturday, at 1:30 pm, with the 1st Ascent of the Official Training, including the day of the launch of another Training ascent, and the 1st Official ascent, which will start to be predicted. at 4:30 p.m. On Sunday, the morning warm-up is scheduled to take place at 10:00 am, before the final Practice Run of the race. Later, it will be time for all the decisions, and the 2nd and 3rd Event Climbers, which will start later in the day.