Could the last Lamborghini Aventador have burned out?

Could the last Lamborghini Aventador have burned out?

We now know that nearly 4,000 Volkswagen Group vehicles bound for the United States caught fire near the Azores last week on board a boat. Felicity Ace. If many cars from Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Volkswagen are interchangeable, it is different for Lamborghini.

The last Aventador was on board

Speaking to Automotive News, Lamborghini North America boss Andrea Baldi is worried. Most of the vehicles in the group can be modified in some way. Lamborghini Urus models replace each other and the factory can make others. The real problem comes from the Lamborghini Aventator. Lamborghini announced the end of production of this model and the last example was on the boat.

Should a production line that has been shut down be restarted?

Baldi told Motoring News that if any of those cars were damaged (which they probably are), Lamborghini would have to find a way to restart production and dealers to meet orders. Part of the quote: “At this moment we do not know, and we will have to deal with the problem that this will cause. The car is sold, so there is always a possibility among 563 units that the cancellation will replace the car. ‘Aventador, but I would prefer for now that at least a few Aventadors on the fleet will be safe,” Baldi told Automotive News. He thinks the fire could cause a six-month delay for customers waiting for cars, either to be left with existing cars that are not damaged or brand new.

Porsche restarted production of the 911 GT2 RS in 2019

If Lamborghini resumes production, it will not be a prototype. Volkswagen disappeared, just three years ago, another shipment of cars at sea and on board were Porsche 911 GT2 RSs. Porsche had to restart the production of the model that had been discontinued. Losses from the Felicity Ace fire are estimated at more than 350 million AMERICAN. I bet you that Volkswagen will have a hard time getting insurance for its next shipment of cars.

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