Contact Smart # 1 first, change the course

Contact Smart # 1 first, change the course

Under the umbrella of Daimler and Geely in the same section, Smart reopens itself by delivering the first SUV in its range. The new Smart # 1 is the most powerful electric car in its segment and we have already been able to see and touch it.

Smart has started a new stage with Smart # 1 (according to the label it should be pronounced as «Hashtag One») is the first step in the change of manufacturer and I have been able to see it directly. Not only that The manufacturer’s first SUV and the largest structure ever delivered in its range but provides an example of the path that Smart will pass.

Smart electric brand re-launches gambling on the most used car that allows you to get used to different types of customers in Europe and China. These areas are not random: # 1 is the first product of Daimler’s partnership in 2019 with China’s largest company Geely where Smart Automobile is equally owned by both car groups.

A cooperation which has brought stability to the brand whose future was in doubt but through this change of theme it hopes to return to profit. It should be noted that in 1998 the Smart brand came to market with the original Fortwo, a small two-seater car that made the manufacturer position itself immediately as. leader of urban mobility, but in recent years Daimler did not receive such calculations. The solution came from the Asian giant.

Geely is Daimler’s largest shareholder since 2018 and also has close ties to Lotus, Lynk & Co, LEVC, Volvo and Polestar, among others. Its weight is used to bring Smart into a new era with a wide variety of completely different products Mercedes manages the structure and Geely covers the technical and production component.

The new Smart structure is 4.27 m high

With these wicks, the Smart SUV comes up with the idea of ​​leading a 100% electric proposal in part B, that The most powerful urban electric crossover on the market as its main rivals will be the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense and Mazda MX-30 which show little riders and freedom. Although they do not have the luxury of crossing over, they will also focus on the MINI Cooper SE, FIAT 500 electric and Honda e.

New Smart Design breaks with everything known so far by the German brand … well, now Chinese since its headquarters have moved to Ningbo. This is seen, for example, in a design language full of circular and sinister shapes that allow to deliver a drag of only 0.29, a fantastic figure for a car in this segment.

The front shows a lot of character and a watching the shark thanks to the shape of the front ventilation and led lights connected together. There are several avant-garde details such as electric door handles that are rubbed with body work, framed doors, solar roof or roof. 19-inch alloy wheels. In the background, the lead role is that of drivers, who are also connected, and whose appearance has reminded me of many of those Mercedes EQA.

Sinuous forms are very common in all aspects

The first Smart SUV is located at a the new SEA platform (Sustainable Experience Architecture) specifically for electric vehicles manufactured by Geely. It has amazing dimensions to be the largest model ever made by brand: Height 4.27m1.82 m wide and 1.64 m high thus placing it right in section B.

Inside the structure has also changed but above all one of the positive surprises has been finding that the quality of the cabin has taken a big step forward. Fortwo and Forfour had a simple interior with a large presence of hard plastic, but # 1 recommends it. an environment with a certain high level of touch.

Spacious interior that puts the bet on a modern design

With the brand new approach, the cabin looks very modern and has a minimalist touch. The quality of the materials used is high. And the seats are very comfortable. In addition, the atmosphere recommends customizable environmental brightness with 64 colors that illuminate the edges of the dashboard and door panels, front and air beams.

The main screen infotainment system is the cupboard nervous center

The digital instrument uses a 9.2-inch screen in a very long format but with good image quality and which, apparently because it is a static event, informs the driver of everything the driver needs. The media system is more and more exposed to a 12.8 inch large touch screen which focuses more on car performance.

The console station, very highit brings a mixed feeling into me because it has a hard touch and divides the cupboard into two parts to give a little sense of space but in return its form allows it to provide more storage space, which is always important.

One of the things that really impressed me about Smart # 1 was the great interior space. With a larger external size than that of previous brand models, especially broadly, benefits in that sense were expected, but nonetheless, housing was very well used and passengers up to 1.90 m tall find accommodation front and back.

A very high center console separates the two front seats

The Chinese manufacturer even allows the luxury of providing a sliding back seat in two sections so that the occupancy space can be increased or the amount of luggage increased. In this way the stem yields between 313 and 411 liters depending on the position of the back seats. Besides, in front there is an extra luggage compartment of 15 liters, ideal for storing charging cables.

Driving has been postponed to our next meeting with new number 1 although in this static communication we have basic data that will explain its transformation. It is clear that Smart # 1 is 100% electric and will be supplied with a single version of the motor and battery, at least for now.

Electric motor provides 200 kW of power, which is equivalent to 272 hp what makes you The most powerful Smart ever sold. The maximum torque reaches 343 Nm and is sent entirely to the rear axle. The Chinese brand has not yet announced the acceleration capacity of the SUV, a figure that promises to impress, but shows that the top speed is 180 km / h.

The front stem of Smart # 1 has a capacity of 15 liters

Below the floor is a lithium ion battery with a total capacity of 66 kWh (62 kWh net) with NCM cathodes developed by Geely itself which the new Smart model is capable of delivering freedom up to 440 km according to WLTP frequency. The maximum carrying capacity is 22kW in AC and 150kW in DC.

When will Smart # be sold? In the next few days the business launch a special version Only 1,000 units, of which only 70 are targeted at the Spanish market. Regular versions will be ordered as early as September with Premium and Pro + versions and that is when the prices will be announced. The first shipment for customers is scheduled for February 2023.

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