Computer Test |  CUPRA was born: The production of the first 100% electric car that marks the beginning of a new era.

Computer Test | CUPRA was born: The production of the first 100% electric car that marks the beginning of a new era.

CUPRA announced, this Tuesday, September 28, the series production of the brand’s first electric model, CUPRA Born. This is the first step of the brand which aims, by 2030, to be a completely electric brand.

The brand’s latest model begins mass production at the company’s facilities in Zwickau, Germany. To celebrate the start of production of this new car, the CEO of the brand, Wayne Griffiths, and members of the Management Board, visited the largest electric car factory in Europe. Here they were received by Stefan Loth, Chairman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Saxony and former director of the Martorell plant.

“With its emotional design and electric performance, CUPRA Born is the beginning of the company’s transformation and the beginning of CUPRA’s electric offensive. Producing our first 100% electric model in the largest electric car factory in Europe will provide important learning as we hope to build electric cars in Martorell from 2025 onwards. Our ambition is to produce more than 500,000 electric cars per year in Spain for the different brands of the Group”, said Griffiths.

This car stands out for its sporty character, in terms of performance and dynamics, reaching 0 to 50 km / h in 2.9 seconds and the efficient battery of 77 kWh guarantees up to 500 kilometers on a single charge. Fast charging allows you to recover the required energy for up to 260 kilometers in just 30 minutes, it reported Computer Test.

“It is an honor to produce a special car like the CUPRA Born in Zwickau. We have an experienced team in the production of electric cars, and the Born becomes the fifth model based on the MEB platform to be produced at this plant. Furthermore, this car will be produced using renewable energy under the assumption of net neutral CO²”, explained Stefan Loth.

“CUPRA Born is the first model of the brand to respond to the neutral concept of liquid CO², while energy from renewable sources is used in the supply chain. In addition, this model includes Bucket benches made of sustainable materials from the Mediterranean Sea Therefore, in addition to contributing to the reduction of CO² emissions, thanks to the partnership with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, this vehicle will also contribute to the circular economy and the maintenance of the Mediterranean.

The company intends, with this new car, to reach new international markets, especially countries with electricity. The car will be present at Automobile Barcelona 2021, which has a start date set for this Thursday, September 30, which represents the start of the model’s international launch program. According to the brand, the model will be on the market from November.