Compass or Commander?  Chevrolet Equinox, after all, is it a competitor?  – 07/04/2022

Compass or Commander? Chevrolet Equinox, after all, is it a competitor? – 07/04/2022

The Mexican Chevrolet Equinox returned to Brazil with a new look and in two versions: RS and Premier (R$ 204,990 and R$ 221,990, respectively). Prices are close, but slightly higher than those charged by the two most expensive options of the leader Compass (flex), Limited and Series S (R$ 194,490 and R$ 216,990, respectively).

As for the entry-level Commander (Limited Flex), the Chevrolet comes close – the Jeep costs BRL 223,690. However, it is below the top of the line convertible, the Overland (R$ 251,990). But, after all, who is Equinox’s competitor?

This is a difficult question to answer. The main reason is that the mid-size SUV category, to which all these models belong, has become very different in recent years. Models grew, seven-seater offerings increased, and in fact a small division was created within the group.

It’s hard to explain, but it’s not impossible. Equinox does not fit in the Compass group or the Commander group. It’s for customers who need a little more than a small Jeep without necessarily having everything the big one has to offer.

Here, you will understand who, after all, this Equinox person is. And why he brings so much confusion in people’s minds when it comes to competition.

The Tiguan started this mess

In the previous generation, the Tiguan was a mid-sized SUV. And the end of the conversation. It would be a direct rival to Compass, if the two had more time to understand each other. But Jeep arrived in 2016, and VW changed generations a little later.

The Volkswagen model arrived completely redesigned and larger than the Compass. In addition, it brought a complete difference: seven seats in its two most expensive versions.

The Tiguan had a good initial sales performance, but it never came to threaten the Compass. In the same period came the Equinox, which was understood, because of its dimensions, as a model closer to VW than to Jeep.

However, it had one flaw: no seven seats. It made up for this, however, with one big point: a powerful 2.0 turbo engine that made it faster than any of its rivals.

Seven positions became a priority

The Equinox did well in early sales, but ended up not having the same success as the Tiguan. Missed seven seats? This is a good point, but not the only one.

The truth is that the good example of the Tiguan ended up leading automakers to invest more in seven-seat mid-size SUVs. Soon came Caoa Chery Tiggo 8 and, soon, Commander.

Manufacturers, however, have not given up on conventional mid-size SUVs. After all, seven seats are important, but what sells is the Compass. That’s why Volkswagen launched the Taos, replacing the old Tiguan.

From Toyota, came the Corolla Cross, placed under the RAV4 – another one that is in “limbo” when it comes to placement, because it also does not have seven seats.

The trunk

Anyone who buys a seven-seater car does not always look at this difference only. Is that these models always have very generous trunks, over 600 liters of capacity.

Therefore, many customers looking for these cars are more interested in the trunk than in the three rows of seats. Does the Equinox have enough cargo space? No, it doesn’t. And this is another reason that can explain why it was not as successful as the Tiguan.

The Chevy’s trunk is similar to the Compass, slightly higher than the Corolla Cross and lower than the Taos. In other words: the trunk of a classic mid-size SUV.

For example, it is less than 470 liters of capacity. But there is a good solution: a compartment under the floor to store small things.

Equinox audience

But if it doesn’t have a nice trunk or seven seats, what does the Equinox, with all that size, offer? He is the main attraction of the unit when it comes to interior space.

With a wide and flat floor, it offers enough space for legs and head. It is among the few in its class capable of carrying three adults comfortably in the back seat.

But what SUV is Chevrolet competing with? Of all, depending on the version. My opinion is that he is halfway between the Compass group and the Commander group.

It’s the car for those who need more interior space than the Compass, but don’t want to pay the Commander for it. For R $ 205 thousand, you take the Equinox.

The Commander, on the other hand, will cost around R$20,000 more, compared to Chevrolet’s entry-level version. Another option is to save BRL 10,000 and stay with Compass Limited. But this will be the best solution if sufficient interior space is not important for the customer’s lifestyle.

One important thing to say about Equinox. He lost the 2.0 engine. Now, it only brings the 1.5 turbo. With 172 hp, it no longer delivers outstanding performances. In this regard, it is partly average.

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