Commercial parking of the Land Rover Defender at the falls is prohibited

Commercial parking of the Land Rover Defender at the falls is prohibited

Land Rover Defender commercial banned by English regulator (Credit: Production/Youtube)

Land Rover had an ad for its Defender car banned in the UK for Advertising Standards Authority Decision (ASA), the regulatory agency for advertising campaigns in the country.

The campaign video “Above and Beyond the Ground” shows some Defender units arriving in places where they reproduce in the natural conditions common in big cities, such as traffic guards in the middle of dunes and car wash waterfalls.

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At the end, the action that caused the video to be banned appears: the Defender parking near the cliff. You can see the parking sensor beep when the car approaches a curb.

Two customers complained to the ASA, saying that the parking sensor would not work in such an empty space and that it would be dangerous to recommend maneuvering in that situation.

Land Rover even tried to defend itself by saying that, in the exterior shots of the rear maneuver, there were stones that would cause the parking sensor.

But the organization maintained the ban and explained. “We think that some viewers may interpret this to mean that the car’s parking sensors can detect when drivers may be reversing around a drop, which could include a small hill edge or drop before water is found in the ‘water’ areas. -road ‘ , urban and more rural environments”.

The campaign video is still up on Land Rover’s YouTube channel. See: