Claud’s Autos – Launch celebrated in Bergerac

Claud’s Autos – Launch celebrated in Bergerac

Back in the automotive industry in Dordogne, CLAUD’S AUTOS institutions, which have been established in the Périgueux region since 1981, have chosen the city of Cyrano to develop their versions south of Dordogne by opening a SEAT distribution and renovation agreement with SKODA brands. The public opening has begun since September 15, 2021. A few months later, the time has come to launch the agreement. The event was celebrated on June 23. CLAUD’S AUTOS and their teams welcomed their partners and clients as well as local elected officials.

Satisfaction with personal advice

CLAUD’S AUTOS Bergerac, located in the St Liziers area of ​​Creysse, distributes SEAT and SKODA brands in new vehicles by DAsWeltAuto. WOLKSWAGEN GROUP Guaranteed Opportunities. Today, CUPRA joins this offer with its specific FORMENTOR designs (gasoline, diesel, plug-in), and 100% electronic CUPRA BORN.

Leading historic players in Dordogne for the distribution of used cars since 1981, CLAUD AUTOS companies have been able to promote their offerings based on the automotive market reform in France and in particular the needs of its customers. Customer satisfaction and personal advice are the priorities of CLAUD’s AUTOS implementation. In the early 2000s, CLAUD’S AUTOS expanded its offer by offering its customers new cars from the brand.
CHEVROLET (General Motors Group). At the time, D. Beaupuy’s garage was the relay for the establishment of the CLAUD AUTOS in the Bergerac area.

Motivated by this success, in 2007 AUTOS CLAUD became the official distributor and moderator of the SKODA brand (a member of Wolkswagen Group France) for Dordogne.

Success exists, so much so that in 2014 the SEAT brand (also a member of Wolkswagen Group France) completes the car offer by becoming the official distributor and regulator of Dordogne.

In 2015, they became representatives of the DasWeltAuto label, enabling them to distribute all used cars from the Volkswagen Group France brands. These vehicles are subjected to extensive preparation (90 control points in particular + 24 months warranty), giving future buyers peace of mind at the time of purchase.

Family story and passion

CLAUD AUTOS have been managed since 2005 by the Magnanou brothers (Bruno and Thierry). Recognized locally, CLAUD’S AUTOS companies have been in Bergerac since 15 September 2021: »We aspire to have representation in the Bergerac region, an area that has real potential for our brands. In order to be closer to the Périgord population, it was necessary to create a representative website south of the department. We have chosen to place ourselves in the heart of the Creysse commercial area (4, rue Carpe-Diem 24100 Creysse). We decided to build a new car dealership, with the brand standards represented, using local companies.

Our sale is available by bicycle via green road (cycling attraction and Tour de France, of which SKODA is a major partner), but also by road with direct access to Bypass. ”

Establishment of the area

In the head of the company for more than fifteen years, the Magnanou brothers decided, with the opening of this new sales point, to join forces in 2018 with Cédric Laurent, also a motorist specialist for more than fifteen years. years in Dordogne. , especially in Bergeracois: »Cédric Laurent who lives in Bergerac and welcomes you with his new partners, commercial and technical. We have a full understanding of the scope of work in economic and domestic fabrics. ”

Welcome that meets expectations

This new market has a huge, intuitive position and is ready to welcome many of its new customers as the most loyal among the brands distributed. Dealer services do not end with the sale of cars. CLAUD’S AUTOS also provides automotive repair services for their brand cars (SEAT – SKODA – CUPRA), but also for multi-brand service.

It is in the heart of the Creysse economic zone, where Stéphane and his team welcome you to all the work of your car. For car purchases, it is Cédric and his sales team who receive you: »The establishment of our operations allows for integration into the local, economic and social system, and partnerships. Open doors are arranged regularly, personal sales. The recognition of all local actors is a priority. » Being close to customers and offering the full offer is a commitment made by CLAUD’S AUTOS companies, which, in this sense, offer a wide range of services, including rental financing and maintenance included, be it for new SKODA, SEAT and CUPRA vehicles, but also for all used cars delivered via the DasWeltAuto label.

Flexible and responsible layers

The three brands distributed by CLAUD’S AUTOS are firmly geared towards the future, with hybrid technology and electronics in particular. The SKODA power column flag is called ENYAQ. This 100% electronic model is recorded in its category. The state-of-the-art design, with a range of up to 534 km, Another flagship model in the range, the new SKODA FABIA has been available on sale for a few weeks. With more interior than most of its competitors and a trunk that can carry 380 liters, it is the perfect car for your daily life.

SEAT, for its part, is advancing with young, powerful and technological DNA. This brand is based on its historic designs, SEAT IBIZA and SEAT LEON, which have been improved in their presentation and technological equipment, to better meet customer needs. Modernity, design and technology: SEAT vehicles adapt to all types of people.

SUV ranges should not be exceeded, as well as ARONA, ATECA and TARRACO (5 or 7 seats): this column allows CLAUD’S AUTOS companies a wider space and response for each type of customer.

At the heart of the Bergerac agreement, you will also discover scooters and electric scooters from the SEAT brand, which completes a wide range of urban mobility.

Incorporated recently in the agreement, the CUPRA brand also has its own amazing features, such as its first 100% electronic model, CUPRA BORN. At 419 kilometers long with its delicate appearance, this new toy brings excitement. You will also find the FORMENTOR model available in all possible fuel engines (gasoline, TDI, hybrid plug). Bespoke, unique, daring and innovative powerful SUV coupe that is a feeling to the public and that does not fail to impress the spirit. The best quality performance you can expect from CUPRA is hidden in the FORMENTOR.

This is a fun thing for everyone. All you have to do is come up with and find them and try them on your CLAUD’S AUTO Bergerac-Creysse auctioneer.

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