City Hall will secure the Fiat Argo for the Association Award Show

City Hall will secure the Fiat Argo for the Association Award Show

The mayor of Batayporã, Germino Roz, and the municipal secretary of Administration, Planning and Finance, Gabriel Boffo, confirmed last week that the Executive will transfer to the Batayporã Business and Commerce Association (Aceb) the amount needed for the purchase of a Fiat Argo car, worth of approximately R$ 75,000. The car will be sent to the Aceb Award Show between Christmas and New Year.

The conversation took place during a meeting between managers and representatives of Aceb in the City Hall. The deputy mayor, Cacildo Paião, was also present. As stated by Germino, the aim is to encourage local business by expanding the campaign’s attractions.

“The gift show is a good strategy to motivate the number of people to buy in the Batayporã store. Last year, when we gave R$ 13 thousand to buy a motorcycle, we committed to work to be able to get a car. in 2022 with good financial management, this was possible and we joined efforts to strengthen our business even more”, stressed the mayor.

The President of the Association, Anderson Paes, evaluated the cooperation with the Administration. “We thank you for your support and encouragement. This is very important for local businesses, and also for this ongoing and open dialogue with Aceb,” said Paes.

According to Boffo, the process of formalizing the transfer should be completed in the next few days. “After Aceb’s proposal, we evaluate the work plan of the campaign, the quoted values ​​and, if everything is in order, we formalize the transfer through an agreement. We prepare with estimates, but after the quotation, the value may vary. more or less”, explained the secretary.

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In January this year, Aceb held the draw for the 2021 Awards, with a Yamaha Factor 150cc motorcycle, two electric bikes, a washing machine, a microwave, a fan, a Lyly/Perfume Apothecary kit, a full size travel bag and three. custom bikes, among other prizes.

The recipients were business buyers and service users from Batayporã companies that participated in the campaign. It is expected that in November it will be possible to make coupons for member companies.