Citroën wants to expel Polestar (and its luxury cars) from Europe for this new case.

Citroën wants to expel Polestar (and its luxury cars) from Europe for this new case.

After France, Citroën would like to ban the Polestar logo everywhere in Europe. The court will rule on this case soon.

Polestar 5

You certainly know this if you follow the car news, Citroën and Polestar have been involved in a legal dispute for several years now. In question, a story linked to the logos of the two brands, which will be very close to the taste of the French company. He had later taken his opponent to court, barring him from selling his cars in France. A petition that had been confirmed by French judges, which explains why the Swedish brand is still not available in our area.

Banned all over Europe?

But Citroën does not want to end up there. As a reminder, the French manufacturer notes that the brand, which launched its future Polestar 5 at Goodwood, uses a logo that is very close to its own, especially the one used between 1959 and 1966, with its angular shapes. A simple circle of one of the chevrons and we get the logo of the Scandinavian company. And it is difficult to pass by the manufacturer, who has decided to go further.

According to our Belgian colleagues from the newspaper MwangwiCitroën has therefore decided to arrest the Tribunal de l’entreprise Francophone de Bruxelles, in order toto end Polestar using its logo throughout Europe. The case is due to be heard next September and could end up being the responsibility of the brand to change its logo or ban the sale of cars on the Old Continent.

A very subdued victory

But be careful, because everything is still unresolved for Citroën. If the company wins its first trial in France, there is no indication that it will be so for this, with the largest shareholding. In fact, The brand has already been rejected twice for similar applications to the European Union (EUIPO) Copyright Office. The company has appealed this decision, and a final ruling is still pending.

Until now, Polestar was therefore only ordered to ban the use of his emblem in France and € 150,000 in damages. You should know that it is still possible to drive a Swedish brand car in France, but you must go abroad to buy it and then bring it to us. It would also be possible for Polestar to change the logo to sell its cars in France, but this does not appear to be in the plan. Very sorry because the app is loaded with Polestar and Polestar 3, Polestar 4 and future Polestar 5.

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