Citroën starts promoting the new C3 and creates a hot website ahead of the launch

Citroën starts promoting the new C3 and creates a hot website ahead of the launch

One of the The most anticipated releases for 2022, the new generation Citroen C3 is very close to being shown for the first time in Brazil. The hatch will reappear with the SUV model in a new generation that will start in mid-April. However, the official presentation will take place in March. And, to increase the first heat, the French brand created a unique website to give details of the novel, but of course, without breaking the secret.

On the hotspot, Citroën reinforces that The new C3 was developed for the Brazilian market. Therefore, it will be unique. The interesting thing is that, in general, there will be 13 customization options available in the model viewsuch as the “bitom” color option – with the roof in a different color than the rest of the body.

Two options are already visible in the picture. The first is a combination of metallic blue “Spring Blue” with a white roof, which was seen in the unveiling of the mini SUV at the end of 2021. The other, revealed recently, is Cinza Artense with a black roof – also available. in C4 Cactus special series. In addition, the panel will have two color options: Steel Gray or Metallic Blue.

According to the double chevron print, the new C3 will give More than 150 combinations between versions, colors and materials.


Price and engine?

On the website, Citroën tries to answer some of the questions that users may have. But the brand still does not answer clearly. Regarding the price, for example, the French company says that “it will be a competitive car in its segment”. And it says the prices will be announced at the official launch. The expectation is that hatch fighting for the sales title, against the Chevrolet Onix and Hyundai HB20.

Likewise, the brand still doesn’t offer mechanicals. And it only says that the new C3 will ”come with advanced engines to deliver agility, economy and comfort”. But the hatch made in Porto Real (RJ) is expected to use the 1.6 aspirated and even the 1.0 turbo that started in that cousin. Fiat Pulse, and up to 130 hp. Entry-level versions can be equipped with Fiat’s 1.0 Firefly three-cylinder. The transmission can be six-speed automatic.

The new Citroen C3

The arrival of the compact will mark the start of a new modular platform at the Brazilian plant. The design is a simplified version of the CMP base, used by European models from Citroën and Peugeot, such as new 208which comes to Brazil imported from Argentina.

What we know so far

As for equipment, the brand will offer a new multimedia center with a 10-inch screen on the C3. The device will have wide connectivity to make life easier for users. Therefore, among the features, it will have a voice command and allow wireless mirroring. and smartphones through platforms Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Advertising / Citroen

In addition to multimedia, the panel will have a colorful and cool look. But the main goal was to assemble the best cabin in cooperation with mobile phones. That’s because the new C3 will have strategic niches on the instrument panel, two of which are near the air vents at the ends, and one in the middle. The model will also have three USB fast charging ports and a 12V outlet.

When it comes to size, it seems that the dimensions will be close to those of Fiat Pulse, which is similar in size to the covers of Argo and Onix, for example. Therefore, the new C3 will be another example of a unit that adopts sports utility models.

The new Citroen C3

Citroen C3 family

As expected and Car magazine in September, Citroën will launch two more models on the new modular platform until 2024. In other words, the new Citroën C3 is the first of three cars that will arrive here. The project, called C-Cubedit will still have a crossover, which should inherit the (known) surname sky crossalong with the sedan.

With three, the Citroën aims to fight at the peak of sales in Latin America, the globalization of the brand. Brazil, like other emerging markets, will be a key focus of the automaker’s plan.

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