Citroën sells buggy version of AMI: 50 copies available

Citroën sells buggy version of AMI: 50 copies available

Revealed as a concept last year, this beautiful version of an unlicensed electric car will be on sale. Citroen My AMI Buggy will however be sold in very small series.

Classic, Cargo and now buggy. Citroen adds variation to AMI. The manufacturer will sell on June 21 the Buugy version of AMI, its small electric city car without a license. The Citroen My AMI buggy is distinguished by a khaki tint, reinforcement on bumpers, extended fenders, front lamp protection and rear damage. The yellow streaks are reminiscent of the concept of this buggy launched last winter.

Citroen gives a unique look to this AMI Buggy. © Citroen

Roofs can be detected and reinforcing bars serve as “air”. Gold rims and a custom adjustable plate complete the new look of a small car. It remembers the spirit of “beach cars”, such as Méhari or 2CV. Citroen also provides followers with My Ami Buggy: storage bins, handbags or even unlocked belts, specifying information to the media.


Under the hood, this version of the announcer remains the AMI, a small electric car with a length of 2.41 meters and a 5.5 kWh battery. So it has 75 miles of freedom. It still has only two seats, but as a standard version, the interior space is very large.

But beware, there will be no one. Citroen has regulated AMI Buggy sales for 50 units. These nuggets will be put up for sale on a specific website. Car price: 9,790 euros. For a cut of the 900 euro bonus, the prize will be 8890 euros.

Pauline Ducamp