Citroen presents its 100% electric AMI with BETC!

Citroen presents its 100% electric AMI with BETC!

No, but there is no taxi sign! “… We have all heard this sentence before in the corridors of the family home. Interrupting his Sunday afternoon nap to take the youngest to judo, skipping the end of the Friday evening movie to pick up the oldest who spent the evening bowling with his friends… It’s true that when you’re a parent, the schedule can be like that of a driver. Good news? Citroën he comes to save them and his wives AMI 100% electric !

100% electric AMI: the right plan for young people… and parents!

With the latest Citroen, youngsters no longer need to call mum or dad every time to get around. Available without permission and from the age of 14 – 100% electric AMI allows you to have freedom of movement and independence. As for parents, they will finally be able to manage their free time without restriction.

Photo credit: BETC Paris

In collaboration with his Agent of BETCCitroën celebrates these funny household moments with “ Taxi driver “. It is a saga of 12 short digital formats produced by Manon Gaurin (production DEGAULLE PARIS). The campaign is available in two additional versions. One is dedicated to parents and the other to youth.

It should be noted that this speech is broadcast in digital and social media in France and internationally, to support the launch of Citroen AMI in many countries.

A world of pop and fun has been unleashed on this new car!

The Chevron brand has also partnered withpainter Alexandre Nart (Funny Pictures). His mission? Discover the new 100% AMI electric photo area. The result of this collaboration is hyperpop 3 with colorful paintings. The latter certainly shows the range of possibilities: all the activities that young people will be able to enjoy thanks to the freedom that this car will give them.

Photo credits: BETC