Citroen launches “My Ami Play”, a clever innovation to enable connectivity on board Ami.

Citroen launches “My Ami Play”, a clever innovation to enable connectivity on board Ami.

Citroen launches – My Ami Play

Citroën makes life easier by presenting “My Ami Play”, an innovative device, now available through the My Citroën app, made up of a new menu of useful and useful functions, simple and easy to use, specially designed for smartphones. the intelligent control button called “Citroën Switch” that allows activation, and which finds its place on the right or left side of the steering wheel arches.

Launched by Ami, “My Ami Play” displays on one page several features commonly used by customers on their smartphones, such as navigation, music, radio and calls. The “Citroën Switch”, connected via Bluetooth with a smartphone, allows direct access to these functions without taking your eyes off the road and then controls them by touch or by voice recognition.

This device enhances the use of on-board connectivity for more practicality, ergonomics, safety and well-being. A smart and stable solution based on smartphone updates, which perfectly matches the spirit of Ami and is standard in most of its versions (except on Ami Ami and My Ami Cargo) and is also available as an add-on on from September 6 or can be ordered from a participating Citroen network.

Citroen Ami is the first car in the Citroen range to feature “My Ami Play”, a new device that offers a connected experience on board and easy access to all important infotainment features to ensure a friendly atmosphere inside the car.

The principle is simple: the button, “Citroën Switch”, placed on the steering wheel arches, allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and activate the My Citroën app and its new “My Friend Play” page that brings together the functions the customer is used to. So he can control his smartphone more easily by touch or through voice recognition.

While behind the wheel of their car, customers like to have access to their favorite navigation and media apps. My Friend Play is a great innovation that makes it possible to meet this need with complete safety. Citroën has gone further by offering an additional device that allows them to listen to the radio in streaming with a keyword to enhance and simplify the driving experience. »says Gilles Scafarto, Strategic Manager of Citroën Connected Services.


Ami’s interior space has been optimized to ensure a comfortable experience for the driver and passengers. One of the goals of its interior design included thinking in its passenger compartment a suitable storage for the things that everyone carries on their person for their daily needs. Therefore, the console and clamp are specially designed to accommodate the smartphone, which becomes the Ami touch screen so that the driver can use the applications he likes while driving (navigation, music, etc.).

To further improve the experience on board the Ami, Citroën has invented a completely new visual and useful accessory: the “Citroën Switch”. Like all functions in the Ami cabin, this steering wheel control is bright and catches the eye with its distinctive orange color. With just a click, the driver can now display the “My Ami Play” menu and its related functions. For greater safety, no need to divert your attention from the road, no trailing wire: the “Citroën Switch” is automatically connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

The driver has the option of placing the “Citroën Switch” on the steering wheel on the left or right in the most convenient location for him to be as comfortable as possible in pressing the controls. A thought for left-handers who are sometimes annoyed by the controls normally placed on the right: with the “Citroën Switch”, they will finally be able to choose the right area accessible to their left hand.

Tested and approved by select customers, this small all-round accessory is described as “a useful, easy-to-use design for a quiet and relaxing drive”. “This home button, intuitive and ergonomic, is a real improvement for fluid use” allowing quick and safe access to functional and fun functions.


Once the command is activated, Bluetooth communication takes place between the “Citroën Switch” and the “My Citroën” application that displays “My Ami Play” on the smartphone screen, a menu consisting of four sections with programs previously recorded by the driver and the integrated radio :

  • With parts Navigation »the driver benefits directly on his screen from the functionality offered by the navigation software he has chosen, such as Waze, Google Maps, Apple Plan, etc. No updating problems: it is done automatically via smartphone.
  • It is possible to make and receive calls using the function Call » easily by finding, among other things, a list of their favorite contacts or their directory.
  • Part The media » allows you to choose a music app from those available, such as Deezer or Apple Music, etc., to punctuate your Friend’s journeys. This device, together with Ami’s portable Bluetooth speaker, which will find its place in the reserved space on the dashboard, will satisfy music lovers thanks to the powerful and internal 360° sound broadcasting in the passenger compartment.
  • The Radio » connected to the “My Ami Play” app, it’s now even easier to switch from one channel to another.

Smartphone voice assistant features are still available to minimize handling as much as possible.