Citroen Journey to Plaisance-du Gers with Gérard Ducès (from Solenca)

Citroen Journey to Plaisance-du Gers with Gérard Ducès (from Solenca)

Gérard Ducès, owner of the hotel-restaurant Solenca, in Nogaro, it often receives, in its establishment, clubs of old car fans who happily visit Gers while taking advantage of the car that they clean throughout the year.

On 24 July 2022, the year of the 700th anniversary of Plaisance-du-Gers, Gérard Ducès wore a medieval costume for this occasion. He accompanied the Citroen front-wheel drive fan club to Plaisance. And there, when Citroënists visited heritage curiosities in several groups with guides, he opened the doors to his collection of Citroën cars. Inside a larger collection that includes cars from other brands.

And there is a surprise! 2 fourteen horses and Ami 6 rebuilt with new parts and 2 attractions are visible without protective canvas.

We are already excited about this tour and the best is yet to come: first DFP (Doriot Flandrin Parant)a car whose manufacturer was working from 1906 to 1926.

But that’s not all! The car driven during the Tour de France by Paul Armagnac himself is also in front of our eyes! Gérard Ducès despises him and we understand that… It’s nice to know that he hasn’t left Wagers.

So here’s a trip we don’t regret!

NB – In the photo at the top of the page: The Tractor Road is parked in the churchyard at Plaisance du Gers.