Citroen is once again attacking Polestar, throughout Europe at this time

Citroen is once again attacking Polestar, throughout Europe at this time

Citroën is suing Polestar in a European Union court. The French company accuses the Swedish of having a logo very close to his own.

The Polestar logo has been developed two facing poles. Alone, he fully concludes the situation that now opposes Citroën. A French company with a logo representing them two nest bases you certainly want to blocking Polestar throughout Europe. He focuses on the last logo very close to his. It is actually a polarized star, made up of two arrows arranged in a diagram and pointing in the middle.

Citroen with protected its logo throughout Europethe company has arrested a French-speaking court in Brussels (Belgium). The three-color manufacturers hope to prevent Polestar from using excessively similar logo. This in order not to allow the Volvo sports company taking advantage of its popularity, to sell cars.

The case will be investigated at the beginning of the school year. this year, by the European Union Court. The potential for Citroën’s victory is uncertain at this level. All the steps taken by Poissy company were unsuccessful. The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIOP) already has removed the three-color component twice at the same request.

An example in France between the Polestar and Citroen emblems

On the contrary, Citroën also attacked Polestar for the same reason in France in 2020. Although the court dismissed allegations of trademark infringement, it decided to uphold it trademark infringement. Polestar had to pay 150,000 euros to Citroën, despite the official ban on the sale of cars with this logo..

This explains why Polestar is still not available in France. It remains to be seen how the case will be judged throughout Europe. The idea is not to ban Polestar from selling cars. On the contrary, logo changes may occur. Which certainly will not please the Swedish manufacturer. The latter uses the painted polar star as its emblem, because of its roots.

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