Citroën C3, Nissan Frontier, Renault Oroch and more

Citroën C3, Nissan Frontier, Renault Oroch and more

The month of March is already drawing to a close, and car manufacturers are starting to speed up subsequent editions. For some brands, it will be an opportunity to return to the spotlight and news that promises to increase the market. In April alone, there will be at least three important exhibitions: the Citroën will launch the new generation of C3a Nissan will submit new frontierand Renault it will eventually show the restructuring of take the oroch.

But not only. THE RAM soon to start sales take 3500, his new “flagship” model. And there’s more: parts of electric and hybrid vehicles will have a big launch, among them Kia EV6, the brand’s first purely electric model. and it has Jeep Compass 4x at the beginning of the month. This edition will start on April 4th, World 4×4 Day.

Take a closer look at the offers arriving between April and June.


Jeep Compass 4x

At the beginning of April, Jeep will be launched in Brazil Compass 4x, an electric version of the mid-size SUV. O Car magazine, even accelerate the example. It will be imported from Europe, where it is made. Therefore, it will have a 1.3 turbo petrol engine and is not convertible. It combines with an electric motor mounted on the rear axle that produces the equivalent of 60 hp.

That is, the hybrid Compass is 4×4 – hence the abbreviation 4xe. Another explanation is that the SUV is a plug-in hybrid, which charges the battery at the socket. The system has another electric motor on the front axle, which works as a high voltage generator. According to the Stellantis brand, the total power in the model is 240 hp. In 100% electric mode, the SUV drives up to 50 km.

The focus is now on price. If he comes from Europe, his table should be around R$ 350 thousand. For example, in Portugal, part of 44,700 euros (about R $ 250,000 for direct conversion). More expensive options national line, Limited and Trailhawk with a turbodiesel engine, starting at R$ 241,061. Therefore, you should not bother Corolla Cross hybrid.

Renault Oroch 2022

New Renault Oroch

THE Renault is in the final preparations for the launch of modified oroch. A pickup based on the Duster SUV debuted at the end of 2015, before Fiat Toro, launching the mid-range pickup category. However, the model of the French brand made in São José dos Pinhais (PR) has never had a great success in sales in the country.

But that story promises to change with the Oroch update. He should not change his appearance too much. Therefore, the main change will be under the hood: the pickup will get a 1.3 turbo flex engine up to 170 hp, as well as a direct transmission of the CVT type that simulates eight gears. This is the same mechanical assembly found in SUVs. to catch and Duster.

RAM 3500

RAM 3500

Stellantis cargo truck is about to launch another heavyweight in Brazil, the RAM 3500. Big coming soon imported from USA and with very strong mechanics. O Cummins 6.7 turbo diesel enginewhich gives about 377 horsepower and attracts 117.27 mkgf of torque, will allow you to load 1,752 kg and tow up to 9,021 kg.

In comparison, the current 2500, which received new features in January, has a total capacity of 664 kg and 1,160 kg of load and trailer. That is, the new 3500 is more powerful and will be the “flagship” image of RAM. Visually, it will be distinguished by the signature four-point LED lights on the headliners, as well as the “Heavy Duty” logo.

Nissan Frontier will be released in 2022
Disclosure / Nissan

New Nissan Frontier

With a delay of a few months because of the tragedy new frontier debuts in early April. It will come modern from Argentina, where it is produced in the city of Santa Isabel. The modification will mainly change the front grille and headlights and taillights. However, it promises to make the Frontier more modern and attractive in the conflict with other mid-sized models.

There will be an unprecedented version: PRO-4X (photo), which will have an adventurous feel. The cabin will be equipped and integrated with the “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” package. We already know that the Frontier will have a 360° camera system and steering wheel used in kicking. The multimedia center will be larger, with 8 “and connection to Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Kia EV6
Kia Motors/Disclosure

Kia EV6

THE Kia it has been forgotten in recent years, but the brand promises to take a turn in 2022 with the launch of hybrid and electric models. After bringing Stonic SUV in mild hybrid versionThe South Korean brand prepares for the April arrival of EV6 electric crossover. It is Kia’s first car to be made purely electric.

With a range of around 530 km, all-wheel drive and a choice of one or two electric motors, Kia EV6 It has a well thought out design. It uses the same E-GMP platform as Hyundai 5 ions. In versions with two engines, it has a combined power of 239 kW, equivalent to 325 hp. Brand compares the model with Jaguar I-Pace. That is, he will compete with premium cars.

The new Citroën C3 launches in 2022

The new Citroen C3

One of the major releases of 2022, the new C3 it is already produced in a factory in Porto Real, south of Rio de Janeiro. It will be available in Brazilian stores in April, with products shipping from May. And it will be shipped to the neighboring countries of South America. With the promise of an affordable price, the compact hatch comes up for grabs.

In this sense, it promises to challenge the best-selling hatchbacks, such as Hyundai HB20 and Chevrolet Onix. Similarly, the new Citroen C3 will also face small SUVs, such as the Fiat Pulse. By doing so, the model will have a more utilitarian style, with more vertical lines. He will also bet on customization, with more than a dozen color options.

The new C3 is the first car to come out PSA Peugeot Citroën done on CMP platform (Regular Season Forum). To receive the design, the factory received a new robot with a total investment of R $ 220 million. The same foundation will provide three examples. The first will be C3, the second will probably be a new airwayand the third sedan.

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