Citroen C3 > Citroen C3 ELLE: what does it offer?

Citroen C3 > Citroen C3 ELLE: what does it offer?

Citroen C3 SHE it is adapted from the Shine version, powered by petrol engines PureTech 110 with manual gearbox or inside Direct distribution of EAT6. This small block is recognized for its good scale performance. It takes the little Citroën from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.4 seconds and can even make your license disappear. Indeed, at a maximum speed of 198 km / h, the constabulary will not leave you alone. The advantage of this engine is that its 3 cylinders are not very noisy and not very greedy.

Passing out C3 Illumination in C3 SHE, The city car is enriched with two-tone clothing, with a choice of 2 roof colors, white or black, based on the color of the ELLE logo. Black, synonymous with beauty and contrast, and white, a symbol of purity and modesty, make it easy to combine with the body colors offered: Sand, Ice White, Steel Grey, Platinum Gray or Black Perla Nera.

Citroën also offers a New Blue Silver Matte Color Package, an icy blue color with metallic reflections that gives it a fresh and modern feel. The slightly Citroen look gets colored Airbumps inserts, such as the headlights on the grille as well as on the roof sticker strip, to C3 SHE it perfectly matches the colors of the moment. In a common thread and in white letters on a black ribbon, the signature of the brand SHSince 1945 and forever It is used for various parts of the car, outside and inside. Tape SH, black and white, this winning and timeless duo in the world of fashion, is associated with a strong linear typography to clearly mark its era. The new quarter panel decoration takes a black background ribbon, this time emblazoned with a monogram SHin the logo typography of the brand created in 1945.

Customization continues inside the cabin with the new Blue Silver Mat Color Pack who comes to wear seats AdvancedComfort two tones. A decorative screen-printed pattern that takes on a revised chevron pattern brings out flashes of blue satin to demarcate the top of the heel from the rest of the seat.

The dashboard, for the first time in a special series, receives Alcantara. It is generally in premium versions, it invites itself here in the header of C3 SHE. Its Gray Wind Mat color contrasts with the icy blue edge of the Color Pack. With a few neat details, the double vertical stitching in the same blue is discreet and elegant on the Alcantara. Monogram SH it is pasted perfectly on a blank background of floor mats, and a black ribbon with white slogans outlines them. As for the key ring and the on-board bag, they both proudly bear two partner logos. Citroën and SH.