Citroën and Renault saga reviewed at RMC Découverte Monday August 15 (video)

Citroën and Renault saga reviewed at RMC Découverte Monday August 15 (video)

To watch or watch again at RMC Découverte on Monday August 15 from 9:05 pm, two episodes of the documentary series “The great hours of the car” about Citroën and Renault.

21:05 Citroen, a French legend

On the occasion of Citroën’s centenary, Discovery of RMC retraces the great hour ofAndré Citroën, one of the greatest French businessmen of all time. A century after the release of its first car, André Citroën remains the innovator of modern cars and high-end advertising.

Illustrated by Tonyjournalist and show host Top Gearthis film traces the career of this flamboyant character, who enjoyed fifteen years of glory, before his spectacular bankruptcy in 1934 and his tragic death the following year.

Tony begins to meet enthusiasts who bring to life a glimpse of the saga at the event of the century: accompanied by collectors and brand lovers, the presenter looks back at the glory hours of Citroen at the wheel of the most ancient and legendary cars: Type A of 1919, type B pick -up, Rosalie, the revolutionary Traction Avant or one of the semi-tracks that participated in the Citroen expeditions of the 1920s and 1930s through the deserts of Africa and Asia.

22:30 Renault

For more than a century, Renault has been one of France’s flagships, reflecting its industrial and social transformation.

In this new period of Good car watchesjournalist Tony it tells us a beautiful story of the diamond brand by looking at the many innovations of the brand and its famous cars.

Throughout this film, Tony, accompanied by historians, takes a wheel of examples from all ages. Sometimes surprising collectors’ items such as the Type A from 1898, the elegant Reinastella from 1929 or the R5 Turbo from 1980, a legendary car that reminds us that Renault, a general manufacturer, has also been one of the biggest names in motorsport since its origin. ..