Chrysler Airflow Graphite (2022) New Black and Copper Car Unveiled

Chrysler Airflow Graphite (2022) New Black and Copper Car Unveiled

Black exterior, copper accents, gray inside. The Chrysler Airflow Graphite 2022 on display in New York is a tad more elegant than the version shown at CES. This Graphite-colored variant of the electric SUV concept car continues to hint at the model that will reintroduce by Chrysler in the coming years. Additionally, it illustrates the customization choices that should be available to purchasers of the eventual production model that it inspires.

The Chrysler Airflow’s evil side is revealed. The SUV concept car unveiled by the American manufacturer and Stellantis group member is now available in a darkened livery. The Chrysler Airflow Graphite concept car was unveiled during the 2022 New York Auto Show, despite the fact that the original Airflow was unveiled at CES in January 2022.

This Chrysler Airflow Graphite demonstrates the customization possibilities that the brand intends to provide consumers when the production vehicle based on the concept car is launched. Galaxy Black has been developed as an exterior color to contrast with the Arctic White of the first Chrysler Airflow.

This black body color is contrasted with copper-colored accents called Cyprus Cooper. It is used to outline the side glass surfaces, the mirror shells, and some areas of the concept car’s 22-inch rims. As with the standard Airflow, this Graphite variant features a lighted front face, while its profile is defined by the charging hatch on the left front wing, flush door handles, and even a low ground clearance.

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The interior of this updated incarnation of the electric concept car features Ice Gray leather with Cyprus Copper accents. What is the objective? “To conjure the allure of a first-class lounge” and to provide “a comfortable location for commuting between home and work.” And this is without the driver taking the wheel, as the car is equipped with a level 3 autonomous driving system. According to Chrysler, the SUV’s interior is now composed entirely of durable materials.

As with the Chrysler Airflow, the Airflow Graphite is powered by two electric motors rated at 150 kW or around 204 horsepower each. Each is assigned to a certain axle on the concept car. According to Chrysler, the battery life would be fixed between 563 and 643 kilometers. While the company has not specified delivery date, it expects to launch a production vehicle based on the concept car by 2025.

“When everything is black, there is no hope.” These statements from Johnny Hallyday do not appear to be prophetic for Chrysler, which has unveiled a darkened version of its Chrysler Airflow concept car dubbed Graphite. This style study provides promise for the American manufacturer, which hopes to reintroduce a vehicle based on it by 2025. The Graphite edition features a black livery with copper accents.

Chrysler is bringing the Airflow back to life. The American manufacturer had previously given this car the name in 1934. Today, he is dedicating an electric small SUV concept car that will be unveiled at the CES show in Las Vegas in 2022. The Chrysler Airflow concept is meant to foreshadow the American brand’s first series-produced electric vehicle, which, as a reminder, was acquired by Stellantis in early 2021.

We had already seen the Chrysler Airflow during a Stellantis group event devoted to electric vehicles. The public may now have a close look at the concept automobile at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where they will discover a really clever design. The front end is defined by a small grille that reveals an illuminated Chrysler emblem flanked by thin LED lights. When the automobile is locked or unlocked, as well as when it is turned on, a light animation is exhibited.

Additionally, LEDs are embedded on both sides of the shield. A charging hatch on the left front wing, a chrome roof strip, flush door handles, 22-inch rims, low ground clearance, and a long wheelbase all contribute to the profile. The coupé-style rear fascia features a diffuser and a light strip that spans the width of the tailgate and integrates the car’s name in letters.

The Chrysler Airflow concept’s passenger cabin is somewhat unassuming, with three screens on the dashboard: the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment system. Additionally, screens are mounted on the backs of the seats to provide a more customized experience for each passenger. The door panels are decorated with dots and illuminated to provide a pleasant environment.

Certain materials are eco-friendly, such as the vegetable-tanned leather on the seats and even the floor mats. Additionally, each seat in the Chrysler Airflow Concept incorporates an onboard camera that enables passengers to participate in videoconference sessions within the vehicle. The concept car, according to Stellaris, is equipped with the STLA AutoDrive system.

The Chrysler Airflow is entirely electric, powered by two 150 kW (204 hp) motors that each drive one axle. According to Stellaris, the concept car was built to accommodate larger engines, which might enable the company to produce high-performance derivatives. Meanwhile, the battery would provide a range of between 563 and 643 kilometers for the Chrysler Airflow.

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No release date has been announced for this concept automobile that is unmistakably close to a production vehicle. However, Stellantis asserts that Chrysler intends to introduce its first mass-market electric vehicle by 2025. The American company – whose present range has been significantly limited – even plans to launch an entire line of electric vehicles by 2028.

Chrysler has been an iconic American automobile brand for more than 96 years, offering groundbreaking innovation and pioneering new categories for the mass market, delighting both customers and stockholders.

As you may know, Chrysler pioneered the minivan market about 40 years ago and has since produced numerous award-winning vehicles. Although the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid was the first and continues to be the only plug-in hybrid minivan, this is simply the beginning of our electrification journey, which includes our promise to deliver our first Chrysler battery-electric car.

To help us achieve our goal of electrifying the whole portfolio by 2028, we launched the Chrysler Airflow at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The Airflow embodies all of the features of our brand revival and our dedication to offering modern, clean mobility to the mass market. The airflow is designed to connect individuals effortlessly both physically and virtually, combining all of Atlantis’s most recent technological developments, such as Stella’s brain smart.

The new electrical software architecture called Celebrate serves as the foundation for the airflow user experience. This architecture incorporates advanced artificial intelligence technology that continuously adjusts and improves the user experience. The architecture’s flexibility enables software developers to rapidly develop and update features and services over the air, without having to wait for a new hardware launch. Passengers can interact fast and simply via over-the-air interfaces.

They can simply incorporate new and inventive features that keep the car fresh, fascinating, and capable, ensuring that each day of ownership continues to improve airflow. The smart cockpit is developed on top of Stella Brain and incorporates capabilities like navigation, voice controls, a digital personal assistant, and e-commerce services. Each occupant’s space and screen can be customized individually.

Also, each location can be designed as its own sound zone, ensuring that guests do not hear sounds from adjacent sections.

The user experience in other occupant spaces is harmonized and accentuated by the use of multi-layered high contrast visuals to provide a clean, professional appearance that is safe, secure, simple to use, and understandable. Stella Autodrive, the third technology, enables hands-free level three autonomous driving capabilities that are also updateable and upgradeable over the air, in addition to a completely connected user experience.

Airflow’s battery-electric system is comprised of front and rear 150-kilowatt electric drive modules. The drive motors are situated in the front and rear of the car to maximize internal space, provide a larger tire size, and a wider vehicle stance, while the battery system is designed to achieve a range of up to 400 miles on a single charge.

This is the most advanced technology and platform available.

Chrysler‘s newest generation will move the company forward, but will its new image entice you and make you say “wow?” Its clever, enticing design stimulates the senses, allowing you to appreciate all of the nuances on the interior and outside. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the alter ego persona for the airflow concept vehicle that we unveiled at the consumer electronics expo in January. This is the first appearance of the all-new Chrysler Airflow.

Airflow is the graphite idea. The vibrant and stylish design immediately elevates the text. Its exterior design motif is current technology-forward, which is novel for the Chrysler brand. Throughout the creation of the airflow concept vehicle, our design team created multiple personas to demonstrate the design’s versatility and to establish fresh personalities that reflected our broad client base.

Our customers and we work to bring one of these expressions to reality. Galaxy black was inspired by an urban mindset and gives the car a more serious, ominous, and sophisticated appearance than the arctic white exterior body color shown at CES. The galaxy black on the exterior is darker than the arctic white on the inside. Both inside and out, black is contrasted with cypress copper highlights, lending the overall design an impression of polished luxury.

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To emphasize the enticing design of airflow graphite, it is indicative of the warm glow of Gotham City’s trademark skyline at night while creating a dramatic statement across the top of the daylight opening and chosen wheel surfaces. The front end features a cross-car light blade with a redesigned Chrysler wing logo illuminated by crystal-led lighting. Additionally, a crystal-led tail light spans the width of the car, emphasizing the vehicle’s broad and competent stance. The bottom fascia’s diffuser shape emphasizes the aerodynamic design.

This is critical for providing an optimal driving range. The broad stance of the airflow, combined with the huge 22-inch wheels and tires, results in exceptional handling and performance dynamics. Upon entering, the graphite’s decor evokes the coziness of a first-class lounge. The setting is contemporary and airy, with high-end features and finishes crafted from sustainable materials and a soothing color palette.

The contrast between the brightness of ice gray and the warmth of cypress copper lends the interior a sense of zen and futuristic opulence. Through integrated technology and comfort, the inside has been reinvented to create a premium, personalized experience for the driver and passengers. It conveys the sensation of an oasis and enables passengers to focus on what matters most to them.

Along with the several infotainment panels, the dashboard is crafted from bonded glass and shaped to resemble a work of art. The plush leather-wrapped lowers contribute to the interior’s sense of space, while the jewel-like shift knob features the new wing logo and a copper finish. Structure seating is supported on pedestals and provides each passenger with increased comfort, roominess, and personal storage.

Functional and ambient lighting can be tailored to the driver and passengers’ preferences and can be activated to create daylight or nighttime appearance. The vehicle’s details are highlighted, such the perforated leather on the door crystal trim shifter and functional sections below the arm, the west footwell and storage, and the vehicle’s ventilation.

The airflow graphite concept vehicle features advanced safety technologies that are a true testament to the Chrysler brand’s safety leadership, as well as an intuitive artificial intelligence and connected vehicle technology because the future will not be about making vehicles that get from point A to point B. We’re building a seamlessly connected hub that transports the customer’s lifestyle in the vehicle, from a night out to a daily commute or even a journey across the country.

The Chrysler Airflow graphite concept is a pure, alluring design that represents the driver’s personality and the smart technology that is seamlessly connected and truly enriches the customer experience. And that experience begins from the outset. When reinventing a brand, it is not sufficient to focus exclusively on the products; the customer experience must also be entirely rethought and reinvented.

We are developing one dubbed “Project Ingenuity” in partnership with the client to promote collaboration on future innovations, services, and experiences. As a result, customers will enjoy a really unique and wonderful experience throughout the purchase, servicing, and ownership process. We’ve redesigned the car-buying experience, streamlined the process, and created an ownership experience centered on proactive and caring services.

We hope to act as a catalyst for change in an industry that is in desperate need of it. I’m enthusiastic about Chrysler’s future. Along with establishing an entirely new product portfolio, the Chrysler brand will operate like a startup, bringing an entrepreneurial spirit, increased speed, and a renewed focus on the customer to the development of new goods, technologies, and services across the customer life cycle. This will enable us to play a leading role in creating a greener, safer, and more seamlessly linked transportation solutions.