Chinese copy of Citroen Ami for the price of an electric bike

Chinese copy of Citroen Ami for the price of an electric bike

Citroen Ami catches your eye but remains expensive for your budget? This Chinese helper can seduce you. Shown for less than € 2,500 within the Central Kingdom. Buy at your own risk …

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There is no doubt about the source of the impulse of this electric car.

Favorable Group Limited

Traditionally copies of European automotive production, China’s domestic market remains a high point of disregard for intellectual property rights. Recent work so far, a copy – the most successful – of Citroën Ami. The electronic circuit of the chevron brand may have been considered safe from forgery but it is not, as evidenced by this ad which appeared on the Alibaba website for ” Chinese 4 wheel mini electric car for adults “.

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The manufacturer went off and resumed opening the door hinges.

Favorable Group Limited

Citroen Ami Partner

If the ad title does not suggest the impulse (word is weak) of the specified car, the image, may not be more clear. In addition to the color of Ami’s character, we recognize without any doubt the face and silhouette of Citroën. Fascinating description, the description sheet shows among the features of the model: There is no difference between the front and back of the car », As if it were a drastic measure. It also highlights the presentation of a “young” interior with four “highly customizable” chairs. A big difference compared to Ami, which has no back seat. Additionally, this Chinese mini-electric car is also available in three or four doors that are not a French model. We allow you to judge for yourself on this possibility of reform which seems to all of us to be the least bit…

Up to 60 km / h with lead acid battery

At the technical level, the copy appears to have an extraordinary luxury with a high speed declared at 60 km / h. Apparently, because the other part of the ad only talks about 45 km / h top speed. The 1500 to 2200 W motor is driven by an incomprehensible battery since it has been described as hydraulic. After a little more research, this amazing manufacturer has just a certificate of use of lead batteries, which is more in line with the price of the machine. In terms of price, this quadricycle is priced at around 2,300 € at a discounted rate that could drop to € 1,600 for those willing to invest in one hundred copies. The manufacturer is committed to delivering the car within the next 30 days. Case? I’m not sure …