Chinese BYD responds!

Chinese BYD responds!

If the upcoming Paris Motor Show won’t have several European manufacturers making the trip to the Porte de Versailles, China’s BYD has decided to showcase a range of passenger cars at the Porte de Versailles.

Next October, the sessions of the Paris Motor Show (from October 17 to 23) will have to do without the BMW and Volkswagen Groups, or even Alfa Romeo and Citroën, to name just a few, who have decided to ignore the event. A hard blow to the organizers (and the public), who will however make it count on the arrival of a few…foreign manufacturers.

Invest in Europe

Among which the Chinese BYD, whose European headquarters is in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, which will make the trip to Paris: “BYD chose the Paris Motor Show to highlight its commitment to launch new models of energy-efficient passenger cars on the European market”, announced the manufacturer in a press release. Note that BYD (Build Your Dreams, Construis vos rêves, in English), which is almost unknown in France, a large company that currently holds 65% of the world market for nickel-cadmium batteries and 30% of the market for lithium-ion batteries. and now also a strong player in the sale of electric vehicles. Already in Europe and France with electric buses and coaches, BYD has been selling (since 2021) its large SUV Tang in Norway, the country that has been its test market on the Old Continent.

Posted on 08/01/2022 Updated 08/01/2022