Chevrolet takes the bull by the horns

Chevrolet takes the bull by the horns

You are never better served than you are. Instead of allowing power-sharing companies to take care of its infrastructure, Chevrolet has decided to launch its service as early as 2021.

The disease improved significantly over the period Las Vegas SEMA, a place of pilgrimage for those interested in the privatization of cars. This year, there are no visitors, but online events, until November 6. On this occasion, the Chevrolet presented the K5 Blazer from… 1977. A 43 year delay? No, electricity. While the redevelopment, which includes converting a petrol car into an electric car, has been gaining traction for a few years – in France, it has been approved without the manufacturer’s approval since the summer of 2020 – the American manufacturer has decided to launch its own service. .

One year after the presentation of the Chevrolet E-10 concept, the electric fire rod that suggested that the manufacturer was ready to start refunding, the K5 Blazer-E presented at SEMA 2020 is therefore the first “official” memorial. Electric Connect and Cruise Chevrolet Performance, or eCrate software, which the brand will release in the second half of 2021.

The Chevrolet recovery set will depend on factory parts from its Bolt electric car. This is the case for the K5 Blazer-E, which we removed its 175 horsepower V8 and its 3-speed automatic transmission to replace it with a 200 horsepower unit with 360 Nm of torque powered by a high-speed automatic gearbox 4. Both are powered by a 60 kWh battery, the independence of which is unknown.

The Chevrolet, famous for its noise and large power barriers, hopes to provide, while GM has successfully developed its electronic strategy, more efficient recovery equipment. But, if we trust the manufacturer, who claims to have “intercepted calls from customers who want to convert their cars into electricity after the E-10 presentation”, 200 electric horses were enough to convince American drivers …

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