Chevrolet S10 “gringa” has a new generation and looks forward to the future of the Brazilian image  versions

Chevrolet S10 “gringa” has a new generation and looks forward to the future of the Brazilian image versions

Chevrolet S10 has a “cousin” of the gringa, Colorado. These two images share a platform and a point of view. So, when one changes, it is a sign that the other must follow the evolution. This Thursday (28), Chevrolet presented the new generation of Colorado in the United States.

This can expect the image of Brazil will have in the coming years, starting with the appearance. Until then, The two trucks had different designs, suitable for every market. The new generation, however, should bring the two models closer. So, the S10 can bring many of the Colorado’s features – which isn’t necessarily a negative thing.

THE The new Colorado has solid lines, with the adoption of a high hood, square wheels and tapered lights. It reminds us of the Silverado, confirmed for Brazil in 2023, but it has its own identity.

At the back, Chevrolet followed the trend of ditching the high-slung bucket lid and cut-out taillights, as competitors Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok have done recently.

Room in the bucket lid is one of the new features of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado – Photo: Disclosure

Curiosity is that the bucket lid now has an integrated storage compartment and watertight with a width of 1.14 m and a depth of 10 cm. Access is only possible when the door is down.

THE The cabin has been completely renovated, with a finish that seems to have the best materials. The design, on the other hand, has more horizontal and small circular elements. There is now the option of an eight-inch digital instrument panel, an 11.3-inch multimedia center and improved materials.

The parking brake becomes electronic. There are also two mobile phone charging slots and USB ports.

The 2023 Colorado sedan has an electronic parking brake and an 11.3-inch multimedia center – Photo: Disclosure

Things that are not common in pickup trucks of this size, such as rear passenger air vents and sunroof; are among the items available in certain configurations.

Speaking of the Colorado line, there will be five versions: Work Truck, LT, Z71, ZR2 and Trail Boss. All come standard with blind spot and forward collision alerts with automatic emergency braking, Lane Change Assist and Departure Warning, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control.

The Chevrolet Colorado is now offered with a standard engine and wheel – Photo: Disclosure

As for the engine, Chevrolet has reduced the number of options to just one: 2.7 turbo petrol four cylinder. However, there are three different settings, depending on the version.

Versions The Work Truck and LT will have 237 hp and 35.8 kgfm. Optionally, they can choose to configure and 310 hp and 53.9 kgfm. This option is common on the Z71 and Trail Boss lineups.

already The ZR2 delivers the same 310 hp, but with torque increased to 59.4 kgfm.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 has more torque than other versions – Photo: Disclosure

According to Chevrolet, The 2.7 engine is more powerful than previous versions (petrol 2.8 and V6 3.6 turbodiesel). The transmission is always an eight-speed automatic.

Another novel is that The Colorado now only has a double-cab configuration with a standard wheelbase (3.34 m). The height varies depending on the version, reaching a maximum of 5.41 m. There are still five driving modes: Normal, Tow, Off-road, Terrain and Baja.

Chevrolet Colorado begins production in the US next year only – Photo: Disclosure

The Chevrolet Colorado begins production in the United States in the first half of 2023. The new generation S10 should appear here in early 2024.

That’s because Chevrolet has two other images to launch in Brazil before the S10. The first is the Montana, which will be shown later this year, but will only be available in stores in early 2023.

After that, it is Silverado’s turn to return to Brazil. The brand’s biggest draw here will be the 6.2 V8 engine already in the Camaro and should be sold in ZR2 and High Country trims.

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