Chevrolet now has 150,000 spaces reserved for its Silverado EV

Chevrolet now has 150,000 spaces reserved for its Silverado EV

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST | Image: Chevy

  • About 65% of these bookings come from new customers

  • The First Edition RST model sold out in just 12 minutes

  • The base version of the Work Truck (WT) will be the first to enter the market

Chevrolet recently announced that it now has 150,000 reservations for the 2024 Silverado EV electric pickup, of which more than 85,000 are commercial orders for the Work Truck variant.

Electric pickups are all the rage at the moment and Chevrolet’s are proving popular too, with the First Edition RST model selling out just 12 minutes after the order books opened.

The Silverado EV is available in three trim levels, with a limited edition RST First Edition model. Other models are RST and WT (for Work Truck), which is a version intended for companies and vehicle fleets.

Unlike many of its competitors, General Motors has chosen to make the affordable commercial version debut in the summer of 2023, with other models arriving later, in the summer of the RST First Edition and in early 2024. for RST .

In addition to the large number of orders, Chevrolet has another reason to be happy. Indeed, the Silverado EV brings many new buyers to the brand, with approximately 65% ​​of reservations made by people who have never owned a vehicle from the brand before.

Similar results were observed by Ford during the launch of the Electric F-150, which Silverado EV will be a direct competitor.

Chevrolet isn’t the only GM division to boast about the popularity of its new EVs as GMC apparently has 80,000 units of the Hummer EV, which has a base price of around $80,000 in the US.

In this case, more than 75% of the franchise owners are new to the GMC brand and 42% have never owned a vehicle made by another General Motors division either.

Things should get even better for GMC in the coming years when it launches the Sierra EV, which will be its version of the Silverado EV. This model will allow it to have a cheaper and less polarizing electric truck than the Hummer EV, which should make it more popular.