Chevrolet Bolt arrives in the country in September.  See what’s new

Chevrolet Bolt arrives in the country in September. See what’s new

Chevrolet has finally announced that the Bolt, an electric model that was presented in 2021, will hit the streets. The model, which already had pre-sales held in Brazil, had to be recalled due to battery problems, and no units have been delivered to date. Still, the style will be informative.

Worldwide, 140,000 Bolt units were recalled due to a defect in the batteries, which were supplied by LG. An estimated loss of two billion dollars, with 1.9 billion borne by the South Korean technology company. As a result, production of the electric model was disabled for more than a year.

Compared to the car that hit the road last year, the front end is cleaner, with headlights integrated into the curves of the body. The false grid is formed in small diamonds, imitating honey. The hat is new.

The rear got a new bumper, with a larger unpainted area than before. The taillights got smaller, while the rear window got bigger.

The cabin has a new steering wheel, which combines with a redesigned center console and climate controls. The gear selector with buttons is another novelty, and replaces the shift of joysticks. The multimedia center is compatible with Apple CarPlay and apps like Alexa and Spotify.

The electric motor produces 203 hp of power, and a torque of 36.7 kgfm. New lithium-ion batteries of 65 kWh allow the model a total range of 416 km. For next year, the SUV version of the Bolt should arrive in the country, bigger and with a mark aimed at a more familiar audience.

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