Check out the 10 new safety must-haves in cars in Brazil;  Will the price of cars change?  |  services

Check out the 10 new safety must-haves in cars in Brazil; Will the price of cars change? | services

According to WHO (World Health Organization), currently, Brazil is the third country with the highest number of traffic deaths. Only China and India are ahead of you. It must be noted, however, that we don’t have the third largest ship or we are the third most populous nation in the world.

To try to change this sad statistic, in the coming years 10 new things will be mandatory in cars. Are they: side impact protection system, electronic stability control system, unfastened seat belt warning, pedestrian impact protection, side signal repeaters, daytime running lights, collision warning, front impact protection on SUVs, reversing cameras or audible warning sensors and side impact protection against pillars.

However, these new safety features can make the cars completely inaccessible, as they will directly impact price. You famous cars will be more affected, considering that many luxury models already have many accessories that will be necessary.

The topic is alarming on all sides: buyers, car manufacturers and dealers. Just look at the example Fiat Mobi Like (R$ 65,890), one of the cheapest cars in Brazil. To add stability control and the helper to start the mountain, the customer has to pay more BRL 697 for the Security package. Considering the combination of other materials, the value of the furniture he can ride and avoid the suggestion of a family car.

Newbies safety items it is important for the number of traffic deaths to decrease significantly. The equipment was selected based on frequent accidents in our country. Of course, the reduction also involves reducing the average age of the Brazilian fleet, which has increased since the beginning of the economic crisis.

Even with a deadline of until the end of the decade, automakers should begin incorporating the equipment into popular ones in 2024. The goal is not to increase the price at the same time so as not to scare away the buyer.

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