Check out 5 things we already know about the new Fiat Fastback |  versions

Check out 5 things we already know about the new Fiat Fastback | versions

Fiat’s new SUV coupe already has a name. This Thursday (9) the brand revealed that the model will be called Fastback, confirming the expectations created in recent months. The model will be revealed in the coming months and it is considered one of the most important launches of the year in Brazil.

Thus, car games mentioned five things we already know about the Fastback, instead of a name, of course. Watch it below:

O The Fastback is Fiat’s flagship launch in 2022. But it is far from the only one. In the coming months, the Italians will present van Scudo and versions and type of automatic transmission CVT for Argo and Cronos.

Therefore, it is important to have some “breath” to work with such an important model as Fastback.

Officially, Fiat says the SUV coupe will be launched in the second half of 2022. car games found that The closest forecast is the last quarter, between October and December. That way, there is enough time to prepare for the Fastback launch and leave a break for other new products.

The look shows that the Fastback will have five adjustment screws on the wheels – Photo: Antonio Carlos/Autoesporte

Fastback can be considered a derivative of Pulse. This, by the way, brings a series of features from the Argo Compact hatch.

However, although they share materials such as doors and roofsFiat says the Argo and Pulse have different platforms – the former MP1 and the latter MLA.

For Fastback, Fiat it will not create a new base, but it will increase the MLA and its structural and electronic architecture. This will allow the SUV coupe to have the same technological equipment as the Pulse. This is the case with automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning. Modifications such as a variable speed controller can be considered.

Another improvement, this one focused on safety, is the adoption of wheels and five fixing screws – something that is present in more expensive cars, such as Fiat Toro and Jeep Renegade.

The 1.3 turbo engine used in Fiat and Jeep cars will be present in the Fastback — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

One of the Pulse engines will also be carried over to the Fastback. And the unit 1.0 turbo three cylinder delivery 130 hp and 20.4 kgfm. It is connected to a CVT-type automatic transmission that allows simulating seven-speed shifts.

The second option is 1.3 turbo the four-cylinder engine shared by the Fiat Toro and Jeep Renegade, Compass and Commander. He has ever 185 hp and 27.5 kgfm and promises to make the Fastback one of the fastest models in the segment, precisely because it is smaller and lighter than the other models mentioned.

Fiat will take advantage of Abarth’s return to Brazil to create a sports version of the Fastback — Photo: Disclosure

Speaking of performance, Fiat will take advantage of Abarth’s return to Brazil and its “boost” to the brand’s status to create a sporty Fastback variant.

O Abarth Fastback will be released in the second periodprobably in 2023. The SUV coupe will be install a 1.3 turbo engine of the top-of-the-line versions, but it will have special suspension and exhaust modifications – the best features of the Scorpion trainer.

The Fiat Pulse should be priced close to the entry Fastback – Photo: Christian Castanho

The final version of the Fastback will be smaller than the concept presented at the 2018 Motor Show. It must be noted that the model shown at that time was inspired by the Toro, a medium-sized truck of almost five meters in length. The model that will be launched in 2022 is derived from the Pulse, a compact SUV of 4.20 m.

Final specs weren’t revealed, though it will be mainly between the Pulse and the 4.32 m Jeep Renegade, another SUV from Stellantis. The secret is between the axles. To attract the most demanding audience, it needs to be bigger than the 2.52 meters of Pulse.

The price is still a secret.. But Fiat will have a hard time keeping the Fastback. Brand is aware of that there will be overlap between the incoming Fastback and the top-of-the-line Pulsetoday sold for R $ 126,000.

The same will happen on the other side, and The most expensive SUV coupe carried over to the base version of the Renegadecurrently offered at R$127,590.

The most likely range for the Fastback is between R$120 and R$150,000.

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