characteristics of a popular electric sports car

characteristics of a popular electric sports car

Apart from a few features, Maserati is no longer hiding its next Granturismo. Some of its technical characteristics have been revealed.

After more than ten years, the first Granturismo of the name left the list in 2019. Since then, there is nothing to eat. Fans of the Trident brand can be assured, the wait won’t be too long. And if they appreciated the design of the first vintage, they will be happy to see that the new one looks like two drops of water. Barring its camouflage in the latest video shared by Maserati, the Italian sports car is almost completely stealthy. And we know more about the features of the 100% electric variant called Folgore.

More than 320 km/h top speed

With 1,200 hp, the performance will be there. Judge instead: Its top speed will exceed 200 mph (about 321 km / h) according to Maserati. Regarding the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h, it should be achieved in 2.7 s. In fact, the Tesla Model S performs better on paper (2.1 sec) with a power that is however low (“only” 1,020 hp) but that is still enough. In any case, this means that the ritual should be serious in its kind. The capacity of the battery is not yet known, nor the autonomy in the combined circuit by the way, but Maserati already notes that we can recover the equivalent of 160 kilometers (100 miles) in 10 minutes. The missing information will be shared during the official presentation that will take place next year. This will also be an opportunity to discover the dashboard, the only feature that the game maker still hides today.

Posted on 06/09/2022 Updated 06/09/2022