Challenge stolen from SEMA is for sale

Challenge stolen from SEMA is for sale

The Custom Challenger that gained popularity when it was shown at the SEMA Show even though it was damaged is being sold online

If you remember the story of the Dodge Challenger that was stolen and crashed on the way to the famous SEMA Show, know that it could be yours. Now fully renovated, selling for eBay with an estimated value of around R $ 716,000. As of this moment, the most recent bid was around R$248,000.

First, for those who do not know his trajectory, it is a true story of the film. This Challenger was built by Quintin Bros. Auto and Performance, stolen along with the trailer it was on, traveling to the show in Los Angeles. He was a week before his inauguration in the famous privatization event in the United States.

A few kilometers later, the trailer was abandoned, found by the police the next morning. The modified Challenger was only found later by the police, when the chase began. In fact, according to the owner of the car, he was found twice, both times followed by a police search.

In the second chase, then, the Challenger was destroyed when a thief threw it into a police car. Curious information: there were 14 cars in total chasing the thief, who reached more than 240 km / h with the model. Due to the risk of accidents involving other people on the highway, the police stopped the search, but the thief abandoned the car in the garage shortly after, where it was found, as it was badly damaged in the front.

The muscle car was customized with carbon fiber parts, new wheels and a better suspension system, equipped with the Scat Pack and its upgraded V8 to produce more than 700 hp of power. As if the customization wasn’t enough, it still has a lot of history. After being found, the car was finally revealed at SEMA – and in the condition it was: crashed. And yet it became one of the biggest attractions of the year.

Dodge Challenger SAY

And the way he was revealed at SEMA, he was beaten and only recovered by the police

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