Cesare Fiorio advises Ferrari to fire its chief strategy officer

Cesare Fiorio advises Ferrari to fire its chief strategy officer

After making several strategic mistakes with disastrous results, Cesare Fiorio believes that Scuderia Ferrari should fire its chief strategy officer.

Since the start of the season, Ferrari made several sometimes very serious strategic mistakes and who is certain costing the championship to Charles Leclerc, who was the main victim. That is why, according to Cesare Fiorio, The Italian team should just let go of its director of strategyIñaki Rueda, who joined Ferrari in 2015 and has held the position since 2021. was very technically gifted and knows how to lead the engineers to create a winning machine. Mattia was originally a talented engineer and the F1-75 proves it. He just needs to surround himself with people who “fit better in the culture. Binotto must stay in his place, but not Rueda. He has never had a good influence in all the teams he has worked for”, he explained to Autosprint.

Distance that doesn’t help

The boss of Scuderia Ferrari in the 90s, Cesare Fiorio, however, does not place all the blame on Iñaki Rueda and he believes so The racehorse stable also shot itself in the foot by deciding to spin off its strategic Maranello department.. “Modern strategies are based on very advanced and complex mathematical models, which unfortunately no longer require personal cognition. In a race, you usually have a few seconds to make a decision. Managing multiple models, controlling computers and communicating remotely. Which means Ferrari now he doesn’t have that personal awareness.”

Posted on 08/11/2022 Updated 08/11/2022