Ceramic and glass fridge: 5 coolest things about the new Range Rover |  Curiosity

Ceramic and glass fridge: 5 coolest things about the new Range Rover | Curiosity

The extraordinary speech of the executive is understood when the team is under his command works to make life for those traveling in the back seat as comfortable as possible. Therefore, seat recline angle ends up being more important than accelerator pedal response.

O The level of comfort and sophistication of the Land Rover is already higher than that of many new cars on sale today.. The new “regular” Range Rover is proof of that. The materials used are of the best quality: there is a lot of leather, aluminum and wood.

Range Rover

But customers who choose to pay (more) more for SV want a higher level of sophistication. That’s where division of personalization comes into the picture. Using the new 20cm long Range Rover parts as a base, several features are added, while the middle rear seat is removed.

Thus, the Range Rover begins to transform into a limousine. We list them below five of the best things about the British brand’s luxury SUV.

The seats of the new Range Rover have 24-position electric adjustment – Photo: Solution

In The two individual seats can be adjusted electrically in 24 positions. If this is not enough, the passenger on the right side can still put the front seat forward and fold the back section, thus creating a legroom.

There is Various programs for massage, heating and ventilation. Commands are made through buttons placed on the port. Do you think the stewardship is over? If the sun is too bright, the blind can be electrically operated.

The fridge is hidden between the seats and has an electric opening – Image: Explanation

Hidden behind a small wooden door is one of the best features on the new Range Rover. What? a small fridge with a capacity of one bottle (of sparkling wine, wine, whisky, water or whatever drink you prefer) and two crystal glasses from British brand (of course) Dartington Crystal.

According to Land Rover, the cups were made exclusively for the SV. A pair similar to that found in the car costs, on average, R $ 340. The manufacturer claims that the refrigerator, already available in the previous generation, is better and. cold drinks “faster than before”.

An eight-inch screen focuses on the functionality of the rear seats of the Range Rover – Photo: Disclosure

And how is the availability of the fridge? Simple. An eight-inch touchscreen is placed where the middle seat of the back seat would be.. Through it, it is possible not only to open and close the compartment, but also to perform a series of other functions such as program massage, adjust the ventilation or activate the work table. But that is the subject of the next feature.

4- Technology in a modern state

The Range Rover’s workbench is made of wood and features luxury construction — Photo: Disclosure

If the passenger needs to work while traveling, it will not be a problem. O The large center console has a retractable table. Its activation is also done through the touch screen. The only part of the process done manually is adjusting the angle of the table after opening.

To ensure durability, SV engineers set up a routine of running endurance tests with 11,000 repetitions. Another curiosity is that the base is built using 3D printers.

Shift lever and buttons for ventilation, selection of terrain and volume are covered with ceramic.

In addition to alternative types of construction, the new Range Rover has a variety of equipment. There are traditional ones aluminum and leather, but also solid wood finished with marquetry techniques. An alternative to leather is a fabric top.

But the star of personalization is ceramics – first used on the Range Rover. And the guys from the SV division did a great job. O the material is on the edition logo on the back cover, on the gear lever and on the keys to select the mode of operation, ventilation and volume adjustment.

Range Rover’s turbodiesel engine version has satisfying performance and plenty of silence on board — Photo: Disclosure

For now, the The Range Rover SV does not yet have a release date in Brazil. It will come, but after the release of the First Edition, whose arrival is scheduled for the beginning of the second semester – possibly between July and August.

Initially, there will be three engines: D350 MHEV, P510E and P530.

THE The D350 MHEV has a 3.0 turbodiesel engine in-line six-cylinder that offers 350 hp and 71.4 kgfm of torque. The acronym MHEV refers to a set of micro-hybrids, where the generator “reduces” the combustion engine and is responsible for some basic functions, such as stop-and-go operation. In this case, there is no electric propulsion.

The arrow light of the Brazilian version of the Range Rover — Photo: André Paixão/Autoesporte

THE the hybrid version with this possibility is the P510E, which combines an in-line six-cylinder gasoline engine with 134 hp of electricity. Added together, they produce 500 hp and allow freedom in electric mode of more than 100 km. The battery is 38.2 kWh.

Finally, tradition The V8 engine has not been forgotten, available in the P530 version. The 4.4 liter unit with compressor is original BMW and delivers 530 hp and 76.5 kgfm.

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