CEO predicts Porsche Cup home straight with “a knife in the tooth every time”

CEO predicts Porsche Cup home straight with “a knife in the tooth every time”

The 2022 Porsche Cup season is drawing to a close. Making predictions about the Sprint Championship, Dener Pires, executive director, expects competition and a good fight until the final stage of the calendar.

So far, the one-brand car show in Brazil has already held three rounds. The latter even marked his return to Argentina by contesting the fifth stage at Termas de Río Hondo, the same circuit as the host MotoGP.

Now, it goes to the last two stops of the calendar until the title decision. First, it arrives in Goiânia to make the final clash on the same weekend as the F1 São Paulo GP in Interlagos.

And with so much overlap between competitors, with only Enzo Elias repeating the victory, what can we expect until the end of the year? “I think you can expect more and more intense fights. Our drivers, now, after half a season, are more comfortable with the new cars. They understand all the tricks and limits of the new car”, he said in an interview with the Porsche Cup website.

“It is already the tradition of the Porsche Cup for the championship to finish there in the last race of the year as well as Formula 1. So I think we will have a lot of fights. When we look at the last laps of the 300 km race, the conflict between Werner [Neugebauer] and Chris Hahn, including Gui Salas who won, Rubinho who went back a little, but with great speed”, he continued.

“If he had a few more laps, he would have joined the sport… So you can imagine how the championship will not be in the sprint. It will be a knife in the tooth all the time,” he added.