CD Peugeot SP66: is back to its original pre-Le Mans Classic

CD Peugeot SP66: is back to its original pre-Le Mans Classic

In a few hours, on the great 24-hour cycle of Le Mans, the CD Peugeot SP66 will write a new page in its history by participating in the long-awaited event of Le Mans Classic, the tenth edition of the title. L’Aventure Peugeot has teamed up with Classic And Racing and Moteur Moderne to restore this race car unlike any other with unidentified aerodynamic fins.

We invite you to discover, in this article, in the form of interviews, the secrets of the restoration of the CD Peugeot SP66 N ° 52 which belongs to the legacy shown by L’Aventure Peugeot. This old car should catch the eye of Le Mans Classic knowing that one of the “sister car” is seen in the 24 Hours Museum of Le Mans i.e. N ° 51. At Le Mans, this weekend, it should be noted that the CD Peugeot SP66 N ° 52 has been entered at N ° 4 and race number N ° 44 provided by Peter Auto. Note that is a partner of L’Aventure Peugeot and M6 Turbo for new CD Peugeot SP66 events in Sarthe. Already, by clicking “teaser video“, discover CD Peugeot SP66 on another historic French song, Dijon-Prenois.

Let’s start with the “mechanical heart” of the CD Peugeot SP66 N ° 52. The 105 horsepower designed by the one designed by Charles Deutsch and aerodynamic engineer, Lucien Romani, comes from 4 cylinders 1,135.3 taken from the Peugeot 204 then upgraded, meanwhile, by the company Le Moteur Moderne.

Thomas Petitjean, a production technician at Le Moteur Moderne, sheds light on the work done on the CD Peugeot SP66 N ° 52.

Can you tell us about your company, your history and how your passion was born?

“Le Moteur Moderne is a research and development center for engines. I have been working there since 2015 in the engine and vehicle repair department. roller-type desks, within the framework of the pilot campaign.I have always had a passion for cars since my childhood, a passion passed by my father, who owns a Gordini R8 since 1976. Then I started renovating and preparing my own Renault Dauphine with the Alpine 1600 engine.I directed my studies towards completing, in 2014, training as a race engineer.Man, my colleague, who worked on the CD Peugeot SP66 project, has 30 years of experience within the company. bugs and old motorcycles. He has extensive experience in repairing, replacement parts and engine repairs. Dear team! »

– What problems did you face while restoring CD mechanics?

“As you can imagine, all the old colleagues who were involved in engine design and development are no longer with the company. There were some special parts to be redesigned, especially the mobile hitch. Some parts were also repaired because it was not possible to get a new one. any to know that we took great care of this historic order from 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans.

– What was modern, why?

“We had to adjust and simplify the water circulation because there were problems when the car was designed. We adjusted it to make the assembly more reliable and we tested it on the electrical particles within our company.”

– How long did this restoration take?

“We spent between 100 and 150 hours on recovery, water cycle adjustment, drain and bench adjustment to provide the best for L’Aventure Peugeot.”

– What are the worst and best memories during recovery?

“The best memory is also the worst. Le Mans Classic 2018, it was a wonderful memory to see a car participate in and drive on the mythical 24 Hours of Le Mans but, unfortunately at that time, water cycle adjustments were not made, and the car it was a quick despair. »

– What advice would you give to Le Mans Classic drivers?

“Have fun all the time at the wheel of this beautiful car, have fun! And stick to good nutrition!»

Le Mans Classic CD Peugeot SP66

Is it Classic and Racing’s turn, his boss, Alexis Kind, to play an interview game to present the work done on the Peugeot SP66 CD?

Can you tell us about Classic and Competitions and your missions?

“Natural races and races will be 10 years old in 2023. Eager for old cars from a young age, I studied to live this passion. I graduated with a BTS in an internal combustion engine (ex-Ecole Industrielle de Saumur). , I underwent additional training as a senior technician in motorsport (Ecole de la Performance de Nogaro). Following on-the-job training for the team registered in the Endurance World Championships at GT2 AM and GT2 PRO, I had to, in some cases, develop self-employment status to continue and my season.The contracts were followed by Oreca Motorsport at Magny-Cours next to the LMP2 engine, and the Albatec Racing at the Rallycross World Championships, and the Renault F1 next to the V6 e-turbo engine and then with the Peugeot Sport Hansen in the Rallycross I have certainly forgotten some (laughs). During peak periods, such as winter, I take the opportunity to maintain my historic vehicles.Therefore, this secondary activity it has been a major activity. Today, in the Regular and Regular Racing, we offer the maintenance, restoration, obedience (according to the rules) of historic race cars. At the same time, we provide maintenance and restoration services for all types of historic vehicles. We also provide protection and storage services, both for competitive vehicles and for older vehicles. »

Le Mans Classic CD Peugeot SP66

– Did you have any contact with the driver, engineer or engine manufacturer at the time?

“Yes, Robert Choulet, a car mechanic. He informed us about the shortcomings of the 66th edition of the Peugeot CD.”

– What challenges did you face while restoring the CD Peugeot SP66?

“They were many. It is not easy to restore the Le Mans 24 Hour icon. You should respect the history, ensure that the car is reserved for future generations, meet customer specifications, bring it in accordance with modern technical regulations. Here are some of the highlights of our work: the integration of roll bar in a very small body, with the help of Peugeot DNA. We thoroughly analyzed, in 3D, before creating a roll bar. It was Matter Motorsport experts who designed it for harmonization. Replacement of the CD Peugeot SP66 fuel tank was also a good time. Already, at that time, inspired by the atmosphere, the tank was flexible (in the ball). Again, for compliance reasons, we had to draw a new one and pass it through a 110 mm diameter opening! Challenge hell! »

Le Mans Classic CD Peugeot SP66

– And if you had another list to contact us about the innovations made, in the sixties, on this CD?

“We’re back in a simple tank. The folded, drawn and engraved paper chassis must have given engineers and Charles Deutsch a headache (laughs) as the next-hand running gear, moreover, is still on race cars. Charles Deutsch and team The most striking example is the aerodynamics of a car defined by the evolution of, of course, its long tail and vertical wing wings. The rear of the center of the engine to reach the lowest center of gravity. The CD is also a featherweight 600 kg blank! »

– What did you have to upgrade to the Peugeot SP66 CD?

“Once again, the list is long, which makes our work even more exciting: cold, roll cage, fire extinguisher, front mirror, wire buttons, ignition, rubber joints, circuit breaker, medical chassis plates and everything related to safety and power levels in this issue today.In total, it took us over 200 hours but we did not see it pass.It was a great and powerful experience to work on this CD.We see it in the song, 2018, at Le Mans Classic, it was our first gift, what a privilege! And I will be present at Le Mans Classic 2022 to keep a CD with Christian Guillaume. »

– What advice would you give to Etienne Bruet and Thomas de Chessé, CD drivers Peugeot SP66 N ° 52 for Le Mans Classic?

“Respect this car as we respect the old man, with his strengths, his weaknesses. Be happy without taking risks, never break a box, to avoid lifting your legs. And, to brighten our work into a song.”

Let’s meet this weekend at Le Mans Classic 2022 to see, in practice, the Peugeot SP66 CD which will be the subject of a unique report that will be announced, on the M6 ​​Turbo, at the beginning of the school year. You can also follow it at


Photo: Classic ans Racing, Moteur Moderne, L’Aventure Peugeot and DR