Casinos exchange tax tickets for vouchers

Casinos exchange tax tickets for vouchers

The famous crossing weekend between July and August is approaching residents, big companies are creating new marketing campaigns to attract customers.

Fueling at cost price, discount coupons… In the era of high inflation, major distributors are not short of ideas to win new customers. The casino had the idea to use the busiest weekend of the year on the road to launch unprecedented commercial activity.

From Friday to Sunday, customers of the brand can exchange their toll tickets for vouchers in supermarkets and department stores of the group. In practice, the voucher must not exceed 40 € (even with paid tickets) and can only be used on purchases of €100 or more (regardless of voucher value).

Fuel discount

The brand also reserves the right to rebrand the concept if it works. Casinos are not the only ones launching commercial activities to support the purchasing power of the French. Leclerc resumed fuel discount operations in 696 stores this weekend until Saturday July 30. In the same spirit, Lidl is implementing a 20% discount on school supplies.