“Cars: On the Road”: the new Pixar series has stopped

“Cars: On the Road”: the new Pixar series has stopped

While Prime Video and HBO Max are fighting a war with millions of dollars, between Middle-earth and Westeros, while Netflix is ​​increasing its payments. Stranger thingsDisney + follows its own path of fun with derivatives of its successful franchises.

In addition to Marvel (he hulk) and Star Wars (Andorstarting September 21), the entertainment giant is repurposing movie heroes Cars from the Pixar studio.

Like Cars on the Road not necessary by any means, the result testifies to the need for quality all courtesy of Pixar’s animators and technicians. As long as you produce on the assembly line, as it was during Mr. Ford, you might as well offer a good product that holds up.

They have to go to the second sister’s wedding. Each episode of this mini-series is an opportunity for a few adventures during their journey.


They visit the Jurassic Dino-Autos park, spend the night in a haunted motel, take part in a movie shoot (Space Zombies Attack from Planet B), go on a Monster Truck hunt or find yourself in a confrontation between two groups of gangsters in the middle of the desert…

Movie references are plentiful, sometimes hilarious. But one wonders if the younger target audience will have already noticed Shine on, Mad Max or Ed Wood’s nanars… It doesn’t matter: the events it alludes to have become clichés themselves.

Did the writers refer to or create an unfinished film project?

At a time when other streamers are expanding their series episodes to movie length, Disney and Pixar are reducing what would be enough to launch one.

If we bingewatch series, we arrive at a total time of one twelve hours, that is, the average animated film for children.

Road Vehicles/Vehicles : Sur la Route Creation Direction Marc Sondheimer Steve Purcell (Eps 1, 2, 8), Bobby Podesta (5, 6, 9) and Brian Fee (3, 4, 7). With the voices of Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy Disney + Out 8/09, 9 x 8′