Cars: Justin Bieber was listed by Ferrari

Cars: Justin Bieber was listed by Ferrari

The Canadian pop star ended up on the Scuderia unauthorized list. In question, the odds with his Ferrari F458.

Even prominent people can be punished. Justin Bieber found the hard way when he found himself on Ferrari’s unauthorized people list. She is joined by actor Kim Kardashian, rappers 50 Cent and Tyga and actress Nicolas Cage as persona non grata from the Maranello company.

Ferrari: Respected ethical principles

If the purchase of a Ferrari gives you the right to enjoy the excitement on the wheel of exclusive cars, it also involves roles that Justin Bieber has failed. The Canadian singer painted her Ferrari blue first, diverting it from the original Scuderia red, before auctioning off her car. These two procedures are prohibited by Ferrari code of conduct. The negligence of the pop star, who had forgotten and left his Ferrari car for more than three weeks without protection in 2016, ended up offending Scuderia. Even if Ferrari’s driving laws are not explicitly stated, the buyer of a red race car cannot throw it away. With the acquisition of a Ferrari, one is not only the owner of the car, but also one of the “guards” of the brand. Considering that Justin Bieber had changed the shape of the brand to his character, so he should no longer take the wheel.

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