Cars: Cupra Leon VZ, cheap sports version

Cars: Cupra Leon VZ, cheap sports version

Cupra launches its new Leon VZ. (© Cupra)

Bad times for lovers of cheap sports computing. A decade ago, it was enough to spend 35,000 euros to get a lot of pleasure behind the wheel of Renault Megane RS au a Kiti Leon Cupra. But since the difficulty of ecological malusnow you have to break the bank to buy one of the sports references on the market.

Today, the Renault Mégane RS (power 300) trades from 43,200 euros, which must be added at least. 9,550 euros of ecological penalties. Its main rival, Honda Civic Type R (power 320), costs 44,920 euros and is fined 10,980 euros in ecological penalties.

300 horsepower engine

With no compassion and powerful engines without hybrid plug-ins, French tariffs could kill these designs with a “purist” philosophy. But for Cupra, we oppose it.

The Seat sports unit is definitely launching its new Leon VZ, an earlier version that emerged against the best models of the time. It is also available as a hybrid of plug-ins in its sensible versions, has a powerful horsepower of 300 horses in its rigid variant and costs 40,600 euros. Its ecological penalty is limited to “only” 3,331 euros.

Comfort first

With a large touch screen incorporating extended mobile compatibility as usual, Cupra Leon VZ represents an unparalleled traveler. (© Cupra)

More than his opponents, Leon VZ it strives to remain as simple as possible despite its fierce calls. Not only does his body work remain sensible (provided you do not choose the most obvious matt color) but his cabinet with its extra accessories does not offer any comfort agreements.

Packed with driving aids, with a large touch screen that includes extended compatibility of smart phones as usual, it represents. the best traveler and the best family and his back seats of hospitality.

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Complained by cleaners, the lack of manual transmission makes it easy to use its automatic dual-clutch transmission. And in spite of its unparalleled hybrid engine, it is limited to less than 9 liters per 100 kilometers at leisure speed. It is not enough to make it a real money hole.

Game, really

Cupra Leon VZ
Cupra Leon VZ undoubtedly includes the perfect harmony between high performance computing. (© Cupra)

And sports, in all of this? The new Cupra Leon is less playful and lively than the old one, which is famous for its character. But he still walks very vigorously (0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds) and even more efficiently, due to better forward axle tension, the gearbox responds more to royal humidity. With performance like this, good engine sound and incredible ease of handling, there is everything fun on the wheel.

The R-type Honda Civic and Renault Mégane RS remain the most interesting in this regard, but they are also not very comfortable. And more expensive because of the damn malus. In short, the Cupra Leon VZ undoubtedly includes the perfect harmony between high-performance computing.

Cedric Pinatel

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